Mobile Steel Tank Lube Cart Solutions

Fluidall’s Mobile Steel Tank Lube Cart is Ideal for Transferring Automotive Style Fluids Around the Shop.

Each steel storage tank within a Lube Cart can be preassembled with optional dedicated dispense equipment as shown below.

Steel Tank Lube Carts

Steel Tank Lube Carts are constructed with standard features that include a heavy duty fully welded steel ergonomic handle, a built-in steel bracket that secures a holder for a dispense gun or a placard insert, and a built-in steel pump and reel mounting bracket located on the top of each steel tank within a Lube Cart. Each steel tank within a Lube Cart has (4) top 2″ NPT openings.

Each Lube Cart for a single fluid, and two- and three- fluids is equipped with (2) 8″ straight casters and (2) locking 8″ casters. However, our SSWP60-4 Steel Tank does not have casters. This mobile steel tank stores four fluids and instead of casters, it has fork pockets.

Mobile Steel Tanks can also be configured with dedicated fluid handling accessories, such as a fluid level gauge, dispense gun holder and a lockable fill cap with vent. Our Mobile Steel Tank Lube Carts are shown with optional dispense packages. View the Lube Carts without optional dispense packages below.

Single Fluid Steel Lube Carts

Multi Fluid Steel Tanks and Carts

Steel Tank Lube Cart Specifications

Part No. Tank Capacity (Gallons) Lube Cart Dimensions
SSWP75 75 Total Gal 26"W x 29"D x 42"H
SSWP125 125 Total Gal 24"W x 40"D x 42"H
SSWP185 185 Total Gal 30"W x 40"D x 42"H
SSWP75-2 150 Total Gal, 75 Gal Each Tank 26"W x 53"D x 42"H
SSWP110-2 220 Total Gal, 110 Gal Each Tank 37"W x 53"D x 45"H
SSWP60-3 180 Total Gal, 60 Gal Each Tank 36"W x 40"D x 42"H
SSWP60-4 240 Total Gal, 60 Gal Each Tank
**NOT available with Casters. The SSWP60-4 has Fork Pockets.
48"W x 40"D x 34"H