Tote-Top Mega Funnel

This Mega Funnel is A Cost-Effective Solution That Turns an IBC Tote into a Waste Oil Collection Tank

Tote-Top Mega FunnelTote-Top Mega Funnel on IBC Tote Tank

This giant Tote-Top Mega Funnel sits on top of an IBC tote tank and allows you to pour oil and other automotive style fluids into an existing tote. It fits the entire top of an IBC tank, allowing storage for supplies, such as pails, drain pan & filters, to drip dry on the Mega Funnel. The oil or waste fluids are then funneled back down into the tote for collection. This durable Tote-Top Mega Funnel is made of plastic and it features a large removable metal screen that has a center opening to drain fluids directly into the tote.

Tote-Top Mega Funnel Specifications

  • Constructed of HDPE
  • 30 lbs.
  • Fits 48" x 40" IBC Totes

— Diesel Creek

— Ted Kahler