Portable Oil Tank

Utilize Fluidall’s Portable Oil Tank with Casters

Portable Oil Tank with 8" Casters
Portable Oil Tank with 8" Casters Portable Oil Tank with 4" Casters

Fluidall’s portable oil tank solutions can simply be rolled to service multiple pits and bays for in-shop oil and lube applications. Just secure any size Tote-A-Lube bulk oil tank onto the portable steel base with casters. Then configure the portable tank with pump packages, filtration and forklift pockets to conveniently dispense oil, hydraulic fluids, DEF and other industrial and agricultural fluids. We can help you determine the most economical caster kit for your portable oil solution.

Our caster kits include:

  • 4" Caster Kit
  • 8" Caster Kit
  • Braking Caster Kit
  • Caster Wheels compatible with Steel Forklift Bases
  • Caster Kits Covert a Stationary Storage Solution into a Portable Tank

Contact Us for help configuring a portable tank with casters for your bulk oil storage and handling.

Portable Oil Tank with Casters Specifications
ULC Certified Fluidall’s Tote-A-Lube stackable plastic tanks are now ULC certified!
Tank Compatibility All Tote-A-Lube tanks