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Hi-Flow DEF Transfer System

Our Mobile DEF Transfer System is Customizable and Rugged and Mounted on a Heavy Duty Dolly

Basic DEF Transfer System

Basic DEF Transfer SystemBanjo DEF Transfer CartWeights and Measures DEF Transfer Pump Systems

Hi-Flow DEF Transfer System have proven reliability and are designed for use in transferring intermediate quantities of DEF, from bulk-to-tank, tank-to-tank or to fill 55 gallon drums. Our mobile systems are mounted on a 1,000 Lb. capacity heavy-duty dolly. At the heart of the transfer system is a 115 VAC, and a 1 HP self-priming DEF pump that allows DEF to be easily pulled through the Micro Matic Closed Loop Connections. Compatible fluids: Windshield Washer, Methanol, Lube Oil, Anti-freeze, Hydrogen Peroxide, DEF.

    Technical Specifications:

  • 12 ft. 1.5″ Suction Hose with 2″ SS Cam-Lock
  • AMT 1.5″ 1 HP 115V Pump
  • 25 ft. 1″ Dispense Hose with 2″ SS Cam-Lock
  • Micro Matic Close Loop Connections
  • 50 ft. Electric Ext. Cord Reel
  • On/Off Switch
  • Hose Hangers
DEF Transfer Cart GPM Model Meter Additional Features
Basic 25 GPM DEFTCBASIC FMT II 1" Digital Display Meter
Banjo 55-65 GPM DEFTCPREM Banjo 2" Digital Display Meter
Weights and Measures 35-45 GPM DEFTCWM 1" LC SS Turbine Meter LC LCR II Register with Ticket Printer
Signal Amplifier

Protect DEF from Contamination and Manage Temperatures
Damage doesn’t occur immediately upon using contaminated DEF. Once signs of contamination are present, it’s usually too late.
Common sources of DEF contamination come from dirt, dust, fuel, oil, earth metals found in tap water, along with copper-, chromium-,
zinc- or nickel-plated metal found in fittings, couplers and other fluid handling equipment.

Off-road equipment operators have the greatest rick of contamination when transferring DEF to a machine,if DEF is handled in the same manner as other fluids. ISO 22241 identifies proper practices for handling Diesel Exhaust Fluid. And Fluidall’s systems are only manufactured with DEF approved components.

  • Purchase Diesel Exhaust Fluid from a reputable source.
  • Only use closed or sealed systems. A sealed DEF system is a single use container; such as a drum. A closed system is refillable, our DEF approved poly tanks are reusable and can be filled through a closed coupler.
  • Do not reuse or refill containers that have been opened.
  • Never use dispensing equipment such as funnels, transfer containers, pumps, seals, hoses and fittings that have not been made in accordance with ISO 22241.
  • Clean debris on and around the DEF fill port on vehicles and equipment.
  • Protect DEF from exposure to direct sunlight and from extreme temperatures. Prolonged exposure will cause DEF to degrade faster.
  • Protect handling systems from expansion if DEF freezes.
  • Never use additives to prevent freezing – additives can cause contamination.

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