Remote DEF Dispenser Pedestal

The Compact, Remote Pedestal DEF Dispenser is Island Friendly for Warm Weather DEF Dispense Applications. Plus, The Commercial Grade Pedestal is Fully Outfitted with all DEF Dispense Equipment Needed.

Pedestal DEF Dispenser with Hose Reel Remote Dispenser for Diesel Exhaust Fluid

The Remote DEF Dispenser Pedestal is ideal for high volume diesel exhaust fluid dispense applications such as fleet fueling, municipalities, schools, trucking companies, bus garages and commercial fueling islands that do not require weights and measurements metering. Fill your fleet’s supply of DEF without the mess and inconvenience of DEF jugs and funnels. The DEF Dispenser is a cost effective solution designed to withstand high use environments, and is operator friendly with a compact footprint for easy dispense. It can be integrated as part of a turn-key DEF storage tank system or stand-alone dispenser. The Pedestal Dispenser is easy to use with above-ground tanks and no below-grade access required.

Remote Pedestal DEF Specifications

  • Dimensions for Remote Pedestal without Reel: 15"W x 15"D x 54"H
  • Dimensions for Remote Pedestal with Hose Reel: 26 ¼ "W x 15"D x 54"H
  • TD10-115V Self-Priming DEF Approved Diaphragm Pump
  • Turbine Flow Meter
  • 20’ Dispense Hose and 6’ Suction Hose
  • Auto Shut Off Nozzle
  • Optional Pulse Meter Assembly (for use with Fuel Management Systems)
Part No. DEF90202814B1 DEF90202818B1 DEF90202822B1 DEF90202823B1
Features Remote DEF Dispenser Pedestal with TD10-120V Diaphragm Pump, Meter, 20’ Dispense Hose, 6’ Suction Hose and Stainless Steel Auto Nozzle.
Hose Reel No No Yes Yes
Meter Flow Meter Pulse Meter Flow Meter Pulse Meter
Dimensions 15"W x 15"D x 54"H 26 ¼ "W x 15"D x 54"H