ECO DEF – Our Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank for Bulk Storage and Dispense

Fluidall’s Cost Effective ECO Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank and Dispense System

ECO DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank

The ECO DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank and Dispense System is a fully assembled system ideal for retail, commercial, and fleet fueling stations for bulk DEF quantities. ECO DEF is also ideal for end users or sites with bulk diesel exhaust fluid delivery needs, for DEF manufacturers, and DEF fluid resellers. This value driven DEF storage tank sizes range from 205 gallon to 2,100 gallon capacities.

The tank system is best suited for outdoor warm weather conditions and can also be used to fuel your indoor facilities. Colder climates will require tank insulation and/or polyester tank wrap options, such as the Northern DEF Cold Climate System.

Fluidall has reputable experience providing well-suited complete DEF systems with the most economic sense, from the time you offload DEF to final delivery. As the demand for DEF has grown, many distributors are turning to Fluidall to help them expand their DEF storage facilities. Aboveground tanks are easier to install and less disruptive to your fueling operations than their in-ground counterparts. They cost less, and the tanks can be manifolded to additional tanks to quickly expand storage capacity as the demand for diesel exhaust fluid increases. DEF Tanks can be located outdoors in warm climates, stored inside shelters or equipped with a factory-installed insulation and heating system.

The complete ECO DEF Package includes:

  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank
  • DEF Pump
  • Flow Meter
  • Automatic Nozzle

ECO DEF Pump and Hose Reel Package

ECO DEF Hose Reel Package

Add the Optional DEF Hose Reel Package, part No. DEFECO33HRP. This DEF Hose Reel Package adds a DEF reel, 33′ hose for diesel exhaust fluid, mounting bracket and all needed plumbing and hardware.

ECO DEF Part No. DEF Tank Capacity (Gallons) DEF Tank Dimensions
DEFECO205 205 Gallons 32"Dia. x 63"H
DEFECO300 300 Gallons 42"Dia. x 58"H
DEFECO500 500 Gallons 48"Dia. x 73"H
DEFECO850 850 Gallons 48"Dia. x 118"H
DEFECO1000 1,000 Gallons 64"Dia. x 80"H
DEFECO1500 1,500 Gallons 64"Dia. x 116"H
DEFECO2100 2,100 Gallons 87"Dia. x 89"H