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TransCube Transportable Double Walled Fuel Storage Tanks

The Transportable, Stackable Double Walled Fuel Tank That Simultaneously Fuels Up To 3 Pieces Of Equipment

132 Gallon Transportable Fuel Storage Tanks132 Gallon Transportable Fuel Storage Tanks251 Gallon TransCube Fuel Tank550 Gal Capacity TransCube Double Wall Tank for FuelFuel Tank with Nearly 800 Gallon CapacityFuel Tank for Over 1,00 Gallon Capacity1,242 Gallon Fuel Storage TankTransCube Tank FeaturesTransCube Tank Interior

The TransCube is a line of transportable, environmentally friendly double-walled fuel storage tanks that offer an efficient solution for onsite fueling and auxiliary fuel supply. With its fully transportable design and ability to fuel up to three pieces of equipment simultaneously, a TransCube will save you time and can double or triple the run times of your equipment. Easily fuel construction machinery onsite when needed and cut back on fuel delivery wait times. For logistically challenging sites that require fuel, the TransCube can be safely lifted by crane or forklifted precisely and quickly.

Transportable Fuel Storage Tank Benefits

  • Approvals: UL142, ULC S- 601-07, SUN IBC Type 31A, UN DOT, NFPA, Transport Canada, Vlarem, Kiwa
  • Transportable: Full load lifting eyes, forklift pockets and internal baffles designed full of fuel tank handling
  • Stackable: Easily stack 2 full or 3 empty tanks to reduce storage space
  • Accessible: Access manway for maintenance and inspection of inner tank. Removable inner tank for servicing
  • Efficient: Lockable equipment cabinet secures equipment and fuel ports to run up to 3 pieces of equipment
  • Environmentally Safe: Double-walled, 110% containment, UL 142 approved

Transportable Fuel Storage Tank Applications

  • Limited-Access Work Sites
  • Fuel Transport
  • Onsite Fuel Supply
  • Generators and Auxiliary Equipment

Transportable Fuel Storage Tank Specifications

Transportable Fuel Storage Tanks Storage Capacity Dimensions Weight
DSL05TCG 132 Gallons 45"W x 45"D x 33"H 880 Lbs.
DSL10TCG 258 Gallons 45"W x 45"D x 52"H 1,122 Lbs.
DSL20TCG 552 Gallons 90"W x 45"D x 52"H 1,815 Lbs.
DSL30TCG 793 Gallons 91"W x 61"D x 52"H 2,234 Lbs.
DSL40TCG 1,000 Gallons 91"W x 87"D x 48"H 2,370 Lbs.
DSL50TCG 1,198 Gallons 91"W x 91"D x 52"H 3,696 Lbs.

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