Jobber Packages for DEF

Jobber Package for DEF | Reconditionable Diesel Exhaust Fluid Equipment Enables Bulk Delivery

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Equipment for Jobbers

Fluidall’s Jobber Package for DEF is a cost-effective diesel exhaust fluid equipment solution. Our DEF storage and handling system is built tough for redistribution methods and customer operations. Now customer operations can enable their bulk diesel exhaust fluid delivery – reducing their expenses, and at the same time wholesale operations can increase profits by efficiency managing DEF deliveries.

Easily reconditioned for redistribution, the Jobber packages for DEF boast a compact package footprint of 44" x 44" with a bulk storage capacity of 180, 240 or 330 gallons of DEF. The refillable DEF tank is translucent to provide a visual inventory of levels inside and features an easy fill design through the angled fill port located on the top of the tank. Mounted to the top of the Jobber’s DEF storage tank is a steel plate that secures a thirty foot hose reel and in-line DEF meter and automatic dispense nozzle. A high-performance electric DEF pump (12V or 120V) is secured onto the front steel cage.

The fully welded steel cage is labeled for diesel exhaust fluid. The steel cage is forklift ready, and wraps around the packaged diesel exhaust fluid equipment, allowing the package to be easily set into placement at your customer’s location. Jobber Packages for DEF, Jobber Packages for Oil and Jobber Packages for Coolant arrive fully assembled.

Jobber Packages for DEF Specifications

180, 240 and 330 Gallon Capacity Packages Include: Forklift Ready Steel Cage, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid Equipment Package (Pump, Reel with 33′ Hose, In-Line Meter, Auto Nozzle). Delivered Fully Assembled and Ready to Fill.

Model DEF Pump DEF Tank Capacity Dimensions Height
DEFJT18012V646 DEF 12V Pump 180 Gallons 44"W x 44"D 56"
DEFJT24012V646 DEF 12V Pump 240 Gallons 44"W x 44"D 66"
DEFJT33012V646 DEF 12V Pump 330 Gallons 44"W x 44"D 80"
DEFJT180120V641 DEF 120V Pump 180 Gallons 44"W x 44"D 56"
DEFJT240120V641 DEF 120V Pump 240 Gallons 44"W x 44"D 66"
DEFJT330120V641 DEF 120V Pump 330 Gallons 44"W x 44"D 80"