Stationary Single Wall Steel Tanks

Stationary Steel Storage Tanks are shown with Optional Dispense Packages

Stationary Steel Storage Tanks
Stationary Steel Storage Tanks feature a built-in bracket for mounting a pump and reel, located on the top of the Steel Storage Tank. The front of the steel tank features a bracket that can be used to support a dispense gun holder or as a placard insert. Our Steel Storage Tanks can be configured with many fluid handling accessories (see list below). Steel Tank openings include (4) 2" NPT, (1) 4" NPT, & (1) 1" steel bulkhead. Multiple dispense packages are available, as well as the optional accessories below:

Stationary Steel Tank Capacity (Gallons) Tank Dimensions Tank Height
SSW200 200 32"W x 32"D 46"H
SSW315 315 40"W x 40"D 46"H
SSW400 400 40"W x 40"D 64"H
SSW280 280 60"W x 24"D 45"H

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