Waste Coolant Tanks

Our Waste Coolants Tanks are the Preferred Solution to Collect and Recycle Used Antifreeze

Waste Coolant TanksFluidall’s Waste Coolant Tanks are the preferred solution for automotive dealerships and repair shops to properly collect and recycle used engine coolant. The cylindrical storage tanks are available in 160 gallon and 325 gallon capacities, each with two top openings: a 1" opening for the waste coolant pump and a 2" for an overfill shutoff valve, designed to prevent overfilling storage tanks during a pressurized fill.

Waste Coolant Tank Specifications
Capacity 160 Gallon 325 Gallon
Dimensions 67.5"H x 28"Dia 81.25"H x 36"Dia
Weight 56 Lbs. 92 Lbs.
Tank Openings 1", 2" and 8" Lid 1", 2" and 8" Lid