Work Bench Tank for Automotive Style Fluids, Oils & Lubricants

Fluidall’s Work Bench Tank Efficiently Stores and Dispenses Fluids and Lubricants in Confined Shop Applications

Work Bench TankBench Tank Manages 4 Fluids

Fluidall’s Work Bench Tank System is an attractive yet functional workbench in addition to convenient storage for lubricants and oils. Fluidall’s Work Bench Tank conveniently encloses multiple single-wall stackable Tote-A-Lube storage tanks which are housed in a steel secondary containment vessel. The package is complete with a powder coated work surface area, which will remain clean and free of oil residue, because the tanks’ fill ports are located below the work surface area. Work Bench Tanks are equipped with a universal side mounting shelf that utilizes Graco’s reliable fluid handling equipment, giving you the ultimate in fluid and oil storage solutions for confined spaces.

Bench Tanks that double oil storage with a handy workspace are desirable for bulk oil and automotive fluid storage and dispense in auto shops and service bays. Bench tanks are available with fluid storage capacities ranging from 70 gallon tanks to 240 gallon tanks and are available to hold up to four automotive style fluids. Our bench tank packages can be configured with pumps, hose reels, and oil tap kits. The systems can be customized in endless configurations.

Work Bench Tank Specifications
System Dimensions 69"W x 36"D x 36"H
Work Surface Area Powder Coated 69"W x 36"D
ULC Certified Tanks Yes
Secondary Containment Built-In Steel Secondary Containment Vessel
Dedicated Dispense Packages
(1 Per Tank)
Multiple Pump Packages and Oil Tap Kits are available