Slimtainer Stackable Oil Tanks Offer a Narrow Footprint Ideal for Automotive Settings

Slimtainer Oil Tanks Optimize Shop Floor Space in Automotive Shops, Between Bays and a Variety of Other Operations with a Narrow 22in Tank Footprint

Slimtainer Stackable Oil Tanks & Gravity Feed Systems

Slimtainer Stackable Oil Tanks are a space-saving and efficient solution for storing bulk Class IIIB fluids, such as oils, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, ATF, and anti-freeze. These tanks are designed to optimize shop floor space by offering a narrow footprint and stackable configuration. Stackable tanks are cleaner and more reliable than traditional packaged goods and 55 gallon oil drums. Slimtainer Stackable Tanks have a 120 gallon capacity, allowing you to purchase in bulk to reduce your total fluid expenses.

Features and Benefits of Slimtainer Stackable Tanks:

Space Optimization: Slimtainers are designed with a narrow 22″ deep footprint, making them ideal for tight spaces in automotive workshops or between bays. This tank design allows you to make the most of limited floor space.

Versatile Dispensing: The tanks feature dispensing outlets on the front and on both ends, providing versatility for a wide range of installation options. This allows you to adapt the tanks to your specific shop setup and workflow.

Stackable System: The tanks can be stacked two high, offering a top fill height of 84″. This height is compliant with the maximum fill height requirements set by many oil suppliers, ensuring safe and proper storage.

Visual Level Inspection: The tanks are made from translucent high-density FDA compliant polyethylene resin. They feature molded-in and inked fluid level markers, enabling you to visually inspect fluid inventory without the need for external site gauges.

Bulk Fluid Savings: Slimtainers offer a cleaner and more reliable alternative to traditional oil drums. They allow you to buy fluids in bulk, helping you reduce overall fluid expenses.

High-Quality Construction: The tanks are constructed from high-density FDA compliant polyethylene resin, which ensures durability and longevity while meeting regulatory standards.

Environmental Compliance: An optional 110% poly containment vessel (145 gallon capacity) is available, which complies with EPA/SPCC (Environmental Protection Agency/Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure) regulations. This helps prevent potential spills or leaks from impacting the environment.

Overall, Slimtainer Stackable Tanks offer a streamlined and practical solution for storing bulk fluids in service shops, garages, or industrial settings. Their efficient use of space, versatility, and compliance with regulations make them a valuable addition to facilities where space optimization and fluid storage are essential considerations.

Slimtainer Tank Features

  • Narrow 22″D Footprint – Allows for use in tight spaces along bays or between bays
  • Convenient 2” Center Fill Opening
  • 2″ Top Opening for Pump or Vent Application
  • Interlocking Top & Bottom Points for Secure Stacking
  • Molded Internal Pass Through Holes Suppress Bulging & Add Strength and Stability
  • Three Molded-In Brass 1″ NPT Bottom Dispense Fittings on the front and both ends of the tank – Provides versatility for a wide range of installation options
  • Translucent Tank with molded-in and inked level markers – Allow for visual level inspection without the need for external site gauges
  • Constructed from High Density FDA Compliant Polyethylene Resin

Slimtainer Tank Features

Slimtainer Tank and Gravity Feed System Specifications

Stack 1 or 2 120 gallon capacity tanks in stackable Slimtainer Gravity Feed System Complies with maximum top fill height of 84″ regulations. Systems Includes: Tank(s), 24″H Stand, Drip Tray Assembly or Poly Containment Vessel, 316SS Spring Valves and Gravity Feed Hose Accessory Package to Complete All Connections.

Part Number Description Dimensions
1035500N95401 120 Gallon Slimtainer Tank 54″ x 22″ x 32″
1035600N97801 145 Gallon Poly Containment Vessel 74″ x 24.5″ x 22.5″
1035500N95402 120 Slimtainer with Stand and Drip Tray 64.5″ x 23″ x 56″
1035700N95402 120/120 Slimtainer™ with Stand and Drip Tray 64.5″ x 23″ x 84″
1035500N95403 120 Slimtainer™ with Stand and Containment 74″ x 24.5″ x 56″
1035700N95403 120/120 Slimtainer™ with Stand and Containment 74″ x 24.5″ x 84″