Oil Safe Transport Container

Our Fully Sealed Oil Container for the Transfer of Automotive Fluids

The Oil Safe Container ensures safe, clean, accurate and reliable transfer of automotive oils and fluids and is the preferred transfer oil container by service centers, quick lube shops and fleet operations. Oil Safe is a convenient industrial grade transport container that is portable and safe for automotive oils, lubricants and fluids; it is spill proof and is fully sealed to maintain fluid cleanliness. Reduces waste, improve efficiency and eliminate contaminants found in traditional automotive oil jugs.

  • Manufactured from High-Density Polyethylene with UV and Static Inhibitors
  • Easy Pour Thumb Breather for Effortless Fluid Dispensing
  • Designed to Withstand the Daily Rigors of Automotive and Industrial Environments
  • A Spill-Proof Container, Safe for Automotive Oils, Lubricants and Fluids

Oil Safe Container Oil Safe Drums, 5L and 10L Oil Safe Lids Oil Safe Extension Hoses

Oil Safe Container Specifications
Drum Sizes 5 Quart/Liter 10 Quart/Liter
Pour Lids Lid with 1/2" Nozzle Lid with 1" Nozzle
Extension Hoses 12" Hose with 1/2" Nozzle 9" with 1" Nozzle

Polyethylene Oil Dispensers

Enable Easy Fluid Transfer with Fluid Level Markings

  • Translucent Polyethylene Material
  • Flexible 8" Pouring Spout
  • Spout Cap and Lid Keep Out Contaminants

Oil Dispenser, 6Qt. Oil Dispenser, 8Qt.