Wall-Stacker Oil Tanks

These Stackable Oil Tanks Have The Smallest Footprint!

Wall-Stacker Oil Tanks

Wall-Stacker stackable oil tanks and fluid handling systems will reduce your total fluid expenses, maximize floor space, and provide safe and efficient storage for a vast number of bulk fluids including oils, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, ATF, anti-freeze and DEF, all within the smallest tank footprint on the market! A one-time investment in a stackable storage system will handle all of your bulk fluids so that you can eliminate the hassles and clutter of packaged goods and drums and will reduce product waste.

Fluidall’s reputable team has designed the 38" x 30" stackable Wall-Stacker system for storage and dispense of multiple fluids all in one very small space-saving system footprint. Our multi-fluid and oil tanks are available in 32, 71, and 115 gallon capacities, and are ideal for tight bay ends and pit spaces. The space-saving Wall-Stacker system can be configured with gravity feed dispense, wall-mount pumps, hose reels, and other dispensing and metering equipment. In respect to the stacked system’s height, wall straps are fastened vertically around the Wall-Stacker system and attach to your shop wall.

Wall-Stacker oil tanks provide a visual fluid inventory and the patented fill port design allows for easy fill in each stacked tank. Wall-Stacker tanks are constructed from virgin polyethylene UL rated food-grade resins and are designed to store and handle all fluids compatible with polyethylene and for combustible fluids with flash points over 200° F.

Gravity Feed Assembly InstructionsVisit our Assembly Instructions for Gravity Feed Systems, Remote Fill Kits and Side Mounted Shelves on Stackable Tank Systems

Wall-Stacker Gravity Feed System Specifications

Gravity feed systems include Wall Straps, 24″H Stand, 3 Pan Drip Tray Assembly and GF Dispense Kit (valves, plastic tubing, sealant, etc).

SystemNo. of TanksSys. Cap.Sys. Dimn.Sys. Ht.
WS32-1132 Gal38"W x 30"D42"
WS32-2264 Gal38"W x 30"D57"
WS32-3396 Gal38"W x 30"D72"
WS32-44128 Gal38"W x 30"D87"
WS71-1171 Gal38"W x 30"D57"
WS71-22142 Gal38"W x 30"D87"
WS71-33213 Gal38"W x 30"D117"
WS115-11115 Gal38"W x 30"D72"
WS115-22230 Gal38"W x 30"D117"

Wall-Stacker Oil Tank Specifications

Wall-Stacker tank openings include (2) Angled Fill Port with 2″ NPT Poly Cap and (1) 1″ Bulkhead and our oil tanks are manufactured with the latest generation of high performing UV stabilized resins for longer exposure life to direct sunlight and ultraviolet light.

Tank ModelTank Cap.Tank Dimn.Tank Ht.Tank Wt.
WS3232 Gal38"W x 19"D18"33 Lbs.
WS7171 Gal38"W x 19"D33"47 Lbs.
WS115115 Gal38"W x 19"D48"61 Lbs.

Wall-Stacker Oil Tank Accessories

Fluid Handling PumpsOil Filtration PanelOil BarSecondary ContainmentMounting PlatesStorage Tank StandsRemote Fill Kit