Stackable Tank Accessories

Fluidall’s custom manufactured fluid storage and handling accessories are exclusively designed for our Tote-A-Lube and Wall-Stacker stackable tank lines.

Our team is dedicated to helping you configure a complete fluid handling system. Please contact us for questions with the stackable tank accessories seen here.

Pump Mounting Plates-BracketsTop Mount and Side Mount Hardware for Stackable Tanks
Pump packages and dispense equipment can easily be mounted tank side or on top of a stackable tank gravity feed system. Our custom manufactured pump and reel mounting brackets can be utilized on stationary and mobile stackable tank systems.

Remote Fill KitRemote Fill Kit
Use remove fill when your stackable tank setup does not allow space to fill the uppermost tank within a Wall-Stacker or Tote-A-Lube Tank System.

Tank, Drum And Tote Heater BlanketsHeater Blankets for Tote-A-Lube Stackable Tanks
Provide Even Heat and Insulation for Oil, DEF and Other Automotive Fluids Warm with a Temperature Controlled Heating Blanket for a Multitude of Temperature Sensitive Applications.

RSecondary ContainmentSecondary Containment
Fluidall’s secondary containment vessels provide an excellent barrier between primary oil storage tanks and the external environment. Designed for use with our stackable poly tanks, our containment vessels are available in poly, aluminum and steel, are compliant with the latest SPCC regulations.

Storage Tank StandsStorage Tank Stands
Steel stands for stackable tank systems can be permanently bolted to the floor with secured leg plates and are available at 6", 24" or 36" leg elevations off the floor to accommodate stackable tank accessories including leg braces, pump mount side shelves, containment vessels, and drip trays. Steel stand legs are constructed with 1 1/2" diameter of a durable Schedule 40 steel pipe.

Dispense Gun HolderDispense Gun Holder
Dispensing Gun Holder Bracket mounts on T120, T180, T240 or T330 Tote-A-Lube Tanks using the tank’s front insert holes.