Washer Fluid Systems

Washer Fluid Systems for Indoor or Outdoor Bulk Storage and Dispense

Indoor Washer Fluid System PackageOutdoor Washer Fluid System Package

The Washer Fluid Tank and Dispense System is a fully assembled system ideal for retail, commercial sites, and fleet stations that use bulk washer fluid. This value driven Washer Fluid storage tank sizes range from 160 gallon to 500 gallon capacities.

Fluidall offers two washer fluid systems, best suited for indoor or outdoor facilities in 160, 205, 300 and 500 gallon capacities. Fluidall’s Indoor system is equipped with a 25′ long coil hose that allows end users to dispense the washer fluid directly into vehicles. The Outdoor Washer Fluid System is also offered in all tank capacities and include the long range coil hose. Systems also feature a weather proof pump enclosure.

Fluidall’s reputable experience offers the industry’s most economical and user friendly systems that store and handle automotive style fluids. The Fluidall Washer Fluid System enables end users to blend, store and dispense bulk windshield washer fluid on site, reducing waste associated with plastic jugs and 55 gallon washer fluid drums. Our Complete Washer Fluid Systems also eliminate time consuming processes and expenses such as ordering, receiving, unpacking, stocking, spillage, inventory tracking and disposing of empty jugs. The Fluidall Washer Fluid System enables end users to offer washer fluid on tap and dispense directly into vehicles, increasing your profits.

Washer Fluid Store & Dispense Packages Include:

  • Windshield Washer Fluid Tank
  • Tank Capacities: 160, 205, 300 and 500 Gallons
  • UL Rated 110V Pump, 1.6GPM, Mounted on the Washer Fluid Tank
  • 25′ Dispense Hose
  • Dispense Nozzle
  • Outdoor Systems also feature a Weather Proof Pump Enclosure

Tank Capacity (Gallons) Washer Fluid System Part No. (Indoor Use) Washer Fluid System with Pump Enclosure Part No. (Outdoor Use) Tank Dimensions
160 Gallon Systems WWQ160I WWQ160O 28"Dia. x 68"H
205 Gallon Systems WWQ205I WWQ205O 32"Dia. x 68"H
300 Gallon Systems WWQ300I WWQ300O 35"Dia. x 79"H
500 Gallon Systems WWQ500I WWQ500O 46"Dia. x 77"H

Washer Fluid Pumps Part No.
Indoor Washer Fluid Pump WW-QWD-WM-I
Outdoor Washer Fluid Pump WW-QWD-WMB-O
Washer Fluid Drum Dispenser WW-QWD-LID