TransCube Mobile Refueler, the Double Walled Fuel Trailer for Refueling Machinery On-Site

Refueling On-Site Machinery and Equipment is Made Easy with the TransCube Fuel Trailer. This Auxiliary Double Walled Mobile Refueler is Transportable and Liftable by Crane.

Diesel Fuel Tanks

TransCube Fuel Trailer Safely Lifted by Crane

Fully approved for transport when full, the TransCube Mobile Refueler are well suited as a mobile refueler, traversing around jobsites to quickly refuel construction machinery or auxiliary equipment onsite.

The mobile double walled fuel trailer is the ideal solution for short term, on site fuel storage. TransCube Mobile Refuelers can be supplied as a standby tank and a mobile fuel trailer, offering both applications as one unit. TransCube is designed to operate efficiently on sites that require small amounts of fuel storage. For logistically challenging sites and remote locations, the TransCube fuel tanks and trailer packages can be safely lifted by crane or forklift precisely and quickly. Due to its mobile design, TransCube can transport fuel to any site reaching even the most difficult locations.

Benefits of the TransCube Mobile Refueler

  • Transportable: TDOT Approved Trailer for safe and easy travel around and between projects.
  • Secure: Lockable cabinet secures equipment and ports, and spills are contained. Secure hose access enables fueling while cabinet is locked.
  • Corner Brackets and Galvanized Frame: Liftable by crane.
  • Four Way Forklift Pockets: Easy maneuvering, when detached from the trailer.
  • Internal Baffles: Maximize stability when handling the tank full of fuel.
  • Removable Inner Tank: For routine cleaning and inspection.
  • Accessible: Access manway provides inner tank access for routine maintenance and inspection.
  • Environmentally Safe: Double-walled, 110% containment eliminates the need for spill pans, UL 142 approved.

TransCube Mobile Refueler Applications

  • Fast Mobile Refueling
  • Small and Short-Term Fuel Requirement
  • Generators and Auxiliary Equipment
  • Limited-Access Worksites

TransCube Mobile Refueler Specifications

Each Double Walled Fuel Tank features a large Lockable cabinet that secures equipment and ports, and a fully galvanized DOT approved trailer with backlights and electric brakes for ease of use.

TransCube Mobile Fuel Refueler Packages Storage Capacity TransCube Tank Dimensions TransCube Trailer Dimensions TransCube Tank Weight TransCube Trailer Weight
DSLH10TCG-EB with Trailer – TransCube Mobile Refueler 251 Gallons 45"W x 45"L x 52"H 75"W x 144"L x 25"H 1,190 Lbs. 720 Lbs.
DSLH20TCG-EB with Trailer – TransCube Mobile Refueler 552 Gallons 90"W x 45"L x 52"H 166"W x 85"L x 21"H 1,814 Lbs. 1,214 Lbs.
12V and 120V – Fuel Pump Kits Standard Fuel Pump Kit includes: mounting kit, inlet fittings, 12′ hose and auto nozzle. Deluxe Fuel Pump Kit includes: mounting kit, inlet fittings, 12′ hose, auto nozzle, inline meter, swivel and particle filter kit.

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