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Double Wall Roth Tanks, Packages and Accessories

Store Motor Oil, Gear Oil Hydraulic Fluid, ATF, Diesel Fuel and more in Double Wall Roth Tanks

Double Wall Roth Tanks and Packages

Dimensions and Sizes of Roth TanksRoth Double Wall Poly Tank

Utilize Double Wall Roth Tanks for their construction, ultimate safety and reliability. The outer Roth tanks are made of leak-proof, weld-free galvanized steel and is roll-seamed with an oil and fire-resistant seal. This outer steel tank layer can contain up to 110% of the capacity of the inner tank for maximum protection. The inner Roth tanks are made of blow-molded, high-density, seamless polyethylene that is leak proof and will never corrode. Our double wall Roth tanks are available in several different sizes, providing more flexibility for placement in any garage, service station or lube shop.

Roth’s double wall tanks meet UL SU2258 standards. They are rust resistant inside and out and are designed to prevent spills, leaks and fires. Each Roth tank undergoes thorough testing, including ultra-sound and pressure testing, to ensure optimal wall thickness.

Double Wall Roth Tank Benefits

  • Use for Class II and Class III fluids including: heating oil, motor and gear oil, hydraulic fluids, ATF, brake or power steering fluids, ethylene or propylene glycol based anti-freezes, diesel and bio fuels
  • SPCC Compliant: outer tank acts as secondary containment and can hold 110% of inner tank fluids for maximum protection
  • Compact and economical tank design with (4) 2"NPT Openings (8 sq. ft for 275 gallon / 1000 Liter tank)
  • Up to 50% lighter than a 12-gauge steel tank with larger fluid storage capacity
  • Zero fittings below the fluid line
  • Leak-proof tank will not corrode
  • Wide handles allow easy handling and transport
Double Wall Roth Tank Dimensions and Specifications
UL Certified Double Wall Roth Tanks are certified to UL SU2258, and are compliant with NFPA 30 & 30A
Model DWT110 DWT165 DWT275 DWT275LH DWT400
Capacity 110 Gallon / 400 L 165 Gallon / 620 L 275 Gallon / 1000 L 275 Gallon / 1000 L 400 Gallon / 1500 L
Roth Dimensions 28"W X 29"D 28"W X 29"D 28"W X 43"D 30"W X 51"D 30"W X 64"D
Tank Height 48"H 65"H 65"H 58"H 72"H
Tank Weight 106 lbs. 132 lbs. 167 lbs. 208 lbs. 333 lbs.

Double Wall Roth Tank Dispense Packages and Accessories

Fluidall’s packages and accessories for double walled Roth Tanks are compatible with all of the Roth tank sizes. Our oil dispense packages, waste oil equipment and oil tap packages for Roth Tanks all feature heavy-duty equipment, hose reels and pump packages that are supported by our steel mounting brackets, constructed exclusively for the Roth Tanks and Packages.

Double Wall Roth Tank Accessories

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