Northern DEF EasyTank System for Bulk DEF Fluid

The Bulk DEF Fluid Storage and Dispense Northern EasyTank System is Heated and Insulated

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The Northern DEF EasyTank for Bulk DEF Fluid is a fully assembled mini bulk system used for the safe storage and dispensing of 500 and up to 3,000 gallons of Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Heated and insulated, the Northern DEF EasyTank storage and dispensing system is a complete tank package made easy. The bulk insulated polyethylene DEF Tank is reinforced with wrapped with an attractive blue 22oz Polyester encasement for added protection. The tank itself features (1) 2" bulkhead and (2) QD valves.

Included inside the bulk def fluid dispense cabinet, which is lockable and constructed of stainless steel, is am equipment package consisting of the ULC rated TD10 115V Diaphragm Pump, Turbine Flow Meter, 25’ Hose Reel, 650W Heater with Auto Thermostat, Digital Fluid Level Indicator, 2" Camlock Fill, Stainless Steel Auto Nozzle, Audible Overfill Alarm (Sounds at 85% Full) and Integrated Nozzle Holster. The Cabinet measures 24"W x 25"D x 48quot;H.

The Northern DEF EasyTank does require a 115V circuit and a 30 Amp dedicated breaker. It must be installed on level surface. On-Site crash protection is recommended for your security. Additional requirements may be necessary depending upon local & state regulations.

Technical Specifications:

  • 500 to 3,000 Gallon Capacities
  • Bulk Insulated Polyethylene DEF Tank
  • Reinforced 22oz Polyester Tank Wrap
  • (1) 2" Bulkhead and (2) QD Valves
  • Lockable () Stainless Steel Cabinet is mounted to the DEF tank, measures 24"W x 25"D x 48"H
  • ULC TD10 115V Diaphragm Pump
  • Turbine Flow Meter
  • 25’ Hose Reel
  • 650W Heater with Auto Thermostat
  • Digital Fluid Level Indicator
  • 2" Camlock Fill
  • Stainless Steel Auto Nozzle
  • Audible Overfill Alarm (Sounds at 85% Full)
  • Integrated Nozzle Holster
  • Requires 115V Circuit & 30 Amp Dedicated Breaker
  • Must be installed on level surface
  • On-Site Crash Protection is recommended
  • Additional requirements may be necessary depending upon local & state regulations.

Northern DEF EasyTank Specifications:

Lockable Cabinet Dimensions add an additional 24"W x 25"D x 48"H
DEF EasyTank Part No.DEF Tank Capacity (Gallons)DEF Tank Dimensions
DEFPRO500B1N500 Gallons52"Dia. x 75"H Tank
DEFPRO750B1N750 Gallons52"Dia. x 105"H Tank
DEFPRO850B1N850 Gallons52"Dia. x 120"H Tank
DEFPRO1000B1N1,000 Gallons68"Dia. x 82"H Tank
DEFPRO1050B1N1,050 Gallons52"Dia. x 136"H Tank
DEFPRO1500B1N1,500 Gallons68"Dia. x 118"H Tank
DEFPRO2000B1N2,000 Gallons68"Dia. x 154"H Tank
DEFPRO2100B1N2,100 Gallons91"Dia. x 91"H Tank
DEFPRO3000B1N3,000 Gallons99"Dia. x 111"H Tank

Northern DEF EasyTank Drawings

DEF EasyTank DrawingDEF Tank Capacity (Gallons)
Download Drawing for 48" Dia Northern DEF EasyTanks500, 750, 850 and 1,050 Gallon Capacities
Download Drawing for 64" Dia Northern DEF EasyTanks1,000, 1,500 and 2,000 Gallon Capacities
Download Drawing for 3,000 Gallon Northern DEF EasyTank3,000 Gallon Capacity