Roth Heating Oil Storage Tanks

Double Walled Roth Heating Oil Storage Tanks are Certified to UL SU2258, and are Compliant with NFPA 30 & 30A.

Roth Heating Oil Storage TanksRoth Double Wall Poly TankDouble Wall Tank LayersDWT110 Heating Oil Storage TankDWT165 Roth TankDWT275 275 Gallon Oil Storage TankDWT275 275 Gallon Low Profile Oil TankDWT400 Heating Oil Tank

Roth Heating Oil Storage Tanks are corrosion resistant and are rust free inside and out, unlike many other steel oil tanks. Double Walled Roth Tanks feature a weld-free galvanized steel outer tank layer that is capable of holding 110% of the primary tank. The inner poly tank is strong and durable. The primary inner tank is constructed of a seamless high-density polyethylene. This inner shell will not break down and will not contaminate heating oil. Each tank is equipped with a highly visible optical leak alarm. Roth Tanks are 55% lighter than a 12-gauge steel tank and they boast a larger storage capacity.

Fluidall offers Roth Heating Oil Storage Tanks, in varying capacities from 110 gallons to 400 gallons. A one-time heating oil tank investment will lower your overall fluid expenses by enabling bulk oil delivery. The Roth 275 gallon oil tank is highly desired because of the storage capacity within the compact 28"W X 43"D bulk fluid storage footprint.

Fluidall provides additional parts and accessories for Roth oil tanks. Operate your heating oil tanks to their full potential with accessories including our Oil Tank Gauge, Tie-Down Kit, Roth Tank Cover, Vent Alarm, and a Duplex Bushing.

Specifications for Roth Heating Oil Storage Tanks
UL Certified Double Wall Roth Tanks are certified to UL SU2258, and are compliant with NFPA 30 & 30A
Model DWT110 DWT165 DWT275 DWT275LH DWT400
Gallon Capacity 110 Gallons 165 Gallons 275 Gallons 275 Gallons 400 Gallons
Litre Capacity 400 Litres 620 Litres 1000 Litres 1000 Litres 1500 Litres
Roth Dimensions 28"W X 29"D 28"W X 29"D 28"W X 43"D 30"W X 51"D 30"W X 64"D
Tank Height 48"H 65"H 65"H 58"H 72"H