Home Fuel Oil Tank Vent Alarm

Every Roth Home Fuel Oil Tank MUST BE Vented.

Vent Alarm for Roth Home Fuel Oil TankThis Vent Alarm is suitable for all of our home fuel oil tank capacities. Our Roth Tanks range from 100 to 400 gallon capacites. Roth Fuel Oil Tank specifications and dimensions vary.

The Vent Alarm provides a 2" NPT Adapter for easy connection of your vent piping to the tank. The Roth tank Vent Alarm replaces one of the plastic adapters, located on the top of the Roth Tank. Use the cap nut and a #3 gasket to secure the Vent Alarm to the Roth double wall heating tank. The gasket is supplied with the Roth Vent Alarm.

Roth Home Fuel Oil Tanks have a rust free outer layer. This outer tank layer constructed of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel. The Roth inner polymer layer is extremely durable, and it won’t break down or contaminate your heating oil. Fluidall provides all of the oil tank accessories that you will need to operate your heating oil tank to its maximized potential.