Double Wall Oil Tank Manifold Kits

Join Up Another Roth Double Wall Oil Tank of the Same Height Securely, and Eliminate the Need to Set Up Dual Pumps with Fluidall’s Manifold Kits

Roth Double Wall Oil Tank Manifold Kits

Fluidall’s Manifold Kits Enable Flexible Roth Double Wall Oil Tank Configurations
The Fluidall Manifold Kit eliminates the need to set up dual pumps while providing you with bulk oil or automotive fluid storage within multiple Roth Tanks. Fluidall’s Manifold Kit securely joins up to 3 Roth Tanks of the same height. When installing multiple Roth tanks in tandem, all tanks must be the same height, level and plumb. Different manifold tank heights can present a risk of unequal draining or filling.

If your operation requires additional storage, simply use the single manifold kit to join another Roth tank to your bulk oil storage configuration.

Each Manifold Kit requires a pump connection and may call for additional fittings for operation.

Manifold Kit Description Manifold Kit For a Single Double Wall Roth Tank Manifold Kit Joins 2 Roth Tanks of the Same Height Manifold Kit Joins 3 Roth Tanks of the Same Height

Bulk fluid storage eliminates the constant need to refill small containers on a frequent basis. It eliminate the need for packaged goods. Investment in one or multiple Roth oil tanks offers many fluid storage tank benefits. Roth Tanks store multiple fluids. They are refillable, thus reducing waste and clutter from packaged goods and oil drum storage.

In addition, Roth tanks ensure compliance with the EPA’s SPCC regulations. The outer tank is constructed of leak-proof and weld-free galvanized steel. This layer can contain up to 110% of the capacity of the inner tank, offering maximum protection, and offering compliance with SPCC regulations. The inner layer is made of leak-proof, blow-molded, high-density polyethylene.

Roth oil tanks are available in capacities of 110-, 165-, 275- and 400-gallons, ideal for garages and service stations.