Roth Waste Oil Tanks and Waste Oil Equipment Packages

Roth Double Wall Waste Oil Tanks and Equipment Packages are Ideal for Transferring Used Motor and Gear Oils.

Waste Oil Tanks

Our Waste Oil Equipment Package includes a Graco Husky double diaphragm pump, large funnel and the necessary hose kit. The tank, level gauge and mounting bracket are NOT included with the equipment package, as the waste oil tanks can be configured with either double wall Roth tanks up to 400 gallons, or onto a poly Tote-A-Lube tank system. Both tank options can include castered bases for mobility around the shop with 8" wheels for moving smoothly across uneven surfaces.

Equipment Packages

  • The 4 quart oil drain funnel has a lockable lid, a 10" top diameter to collect waste fluids from both the drain plug and the filter port, and includes a removable filter screen which prevent debris from entering the tank.
  • Hose Kit
  • Graco 1050 Husky Double Diaphragm Pump, loaded with features to help you get your job done right, every time, and are built to save you money.
    • Rugged construction – Resists corrosion for reliable performance and long life
    • Designed to last – Heavy duty design offers long life, increased productivity and lower overall cost of ownership
    • Flow rates and sizes – Graco Husky 515 features up to 15 gpm with a 3/4" port, and the Graco Husky 1050 features up to 50 gpm with a 1" port.
    • Easy maintenance – The Husky has fewer parts than industry peers, the complete air valve is externally accessible so it can be serviced fast and easy without removing the pump.
    • Modular air valve – Stall-free, low pulsation air valve provides smooth and rapid changeover for increased efficiency and minimizes down time
    • Part No: WO647016DPP

      Packaged Waste Oil Double Wall Roth Tanks

      Waste Oil Double Wall Roth Tank Packages

      • Double Wall Roth Tank
      • Fluid Level Gauge
      • Steel Tank Mounted Pump and Reel Bracket
      • 4 Quart Oil Drain Funnel with Lockable Lid and Removable Filter Screen
      • Hose Kit
      • Graco 1050 Husky Double Diaphragm Pump, up to 50gpm
      Specifications for Waste Oil Double Wall Roth Tank Packages
      UL Certified Double Wall Roth Tanks are certified to UL SU2258, and are compliant with NFPA 30 & 30A
      Part No. DWT110WO DWT165WO DWT275WO DWT275LHWO DWT400WO
      Gallon Capacity 110 Gallons 165 Gallons 275 Gallons 275 Gallons 400 Gallons
      Litre Capacity 400 Litres 620 Litres 1000 Litres 1000 Litres 1500 Litres
      Roth Dimensions 28"W X 29"D 28"W X 29"D 28"W X 43"D 30"W X 51"D 30"W X 64"D
      Waste Oil Tank Package Height 68"H 85"H 85"H 78"H 92"H