High Volume Fluid Transfer Carts & Equipment

Reach Equipment Wherever It’s Located. Mobile Heavy Duty Fluid Transfer Carts are Designed to Transfer High Fluid Volumes of Oil and DEF.

High Volume transfer carts are vital pieces of equipment for the task at hand. A fluid transfer cart is a portable dolly style cart that transfers oil, lubricant, DEF and other automotive style from a supply source (such as a tote or 55 gallon drum) to the equipment storage reservoir.

Each High Volume Transfer System that Fluidall offers is designed to perform in automotive, construction and industrial applications where durability, reliability and consistency of each fluid delivery is essential. Fluidall’s mobile Oil and DEF Transfer Equipment Systems are designed for transferring intermediate quantities of fluid from bulk-to-tank, tank-to-tank or to fill 55 gallon drums. Our mobile transfer equipment options includes both skids and two wheel heavy-duty dollies. At the heart of each transfer system is an oil or DEF approved self-priming pump. We offer metered and non-metered transfer equipment, and Weights and Measures approved fluid transfer carts.

DEF Transfer CartsMobile DEF Transfer Carts for High Volume Fluids
Heavy Duty Two Wheel Dolly DEF Transfer Cart is designed to transfer intermediate quantities of DEF, from bulk-to-tank, tank-to-tank or to fill 55 gallon drums.
– Custom Built DEF Transfer Skids and Carts
– Metered and Non-Metered DEF Transfer Carts
– Weights & Measures Approved DEF Cart Options