Roth Heating Oil Tank Tie Down Kit

The Tie Down Kit Installs Easily on a Roth Heating Oil Tank

Tie Down Kit for a Roth Heating Oil TankTie Down Diagram

Tie Down Kits will secure and tighten Roth Tanks in low and high risk areas.

  • Clips over Top Rim of Tank
  • Base bolts to Floor/Concrete
  • Tumbuckles Adjust Tension
  • 2 Tie Downs per Kit
  • Anchor/Lag Bolts Supplied by Installer
  • Use One Kit in Low Risk Areas
  • Use Multiple Kits in High Risk Areas

Flood and Earthquake Considerations

  1. Always consult local codes and regulations regarding above ground fuel oil storage tank installations in earthquake or flood prone areas. For seismic rated anchoring requirements, contact the Roth Technical Department.
  2. In areas where a threat of flooding or high winds exists, or in basements with a history of flooding, use of the Roth tie-down kits is recommended. In areas of known earthquake activity, consult local codes for required restraint systems. In both cases, the masonry or steel foundation and related structures must meet applicable codes and be capable of keeping the tank anchored in place.
  3. Under no circumstances should any penetrating fasteners be used to secure tank restraints to the tank. Use of penetrating fasteners will destroy the integrity of the secondary containment and very possibly the integrity of the primary tank as well and will void the warranty.

Roth Heating Oil Tank Tie Down Kit Installation

  1. Tie down kits are used as an aid to keep the tanks from shifting, tipping over or floating off the base.
  2. The kit includes two tie downs, one for each side of the tank. Each tie down consists of long and short support rods with hooks on each end, turnbuckle and pre-drilled angle bracket.
  3. Assemble kits onto tank to assist in locating fastening holes in concrete. Place long support rods onto the top rim of the tank. Hook the turnbuckle onto the long and short support rods. Hook the angle bracket onto the short support rod. Adjust the turnbuckle until the angle bracket touches the concrete and mark the fastening holes.
  4. Anchor angle brackets to cement with field supplied fasteners. Loosen turnbuckle until short support rod can be hooked onto angle bracket. Tighten turnbuckle on each side evenly in an alternating pattern. Kits should be tight without deforming tank rim or sides of tank. Do not overtighten.
  5. Be sure tank remains level during and after tightening the tie down kits.
  6. Tie down kits may not be effective if the tank is less than half full and a flooding event occurs. In areas with a risk of flooding, please contact Roth Industries Technical Department to determine best method for securing tank.
  7. Use one kit in low risk areas and multiple kits in high risk areas and with the 1000L & 1500L tanks.