Heating Oil Tank Gauge for Roth Tanks

A Heating Oil Tank Gauge is an Essential Heating Oil Tank Accessory for Roth Tanks

Each Roth Tank should be equipped with an oil gauge, as most automotive, commercial and shop applications depend on the management of fluid levels.

Roth Heating Oil Tank Gauge

A Heating Oil Tank Gauge, also called a fluid level indicator or liquid sight glass, is a meter instrument that is used for checking and monitoring an operating fluid level inside a tank. A level gauge is a tube that gives a visual inventory of the fluid level inside the tank. To read the fluid level, look for the marks on the glass tube, indicating the fluid level within the tank is full, 3/4, 1/2, or 1/4 full. As general guide, order more heating oil online at or around 1/4 full to provide you time for newly ordered oil to arrive before running out.

This gauge is manufactured exclusively for all Roth Tank capacities, from 110 to 400 gallon tank sizes. This fluid level gauge easily hand tightens into one of the tank’s top NPT openings. Slowly release the string and float during installation.