Roth Home Oil Tank Fill Level Alarms

Our High Level Tank Alarm has a Flashing LED and a Loud Buzzer to Stop Overfilling

Our rugged High Level Tank Alarm is built for use with Roth Home Oil Tanks and is ideal for rough, wet and corrosive environments. The tank alarm allows fluids to be dispensed in Roth Home Oil Tanks without needing to check the fill level. When the level gets above the float switch, a loud buzzer sounds and LED flashes to let you know the fill level has been reached. Our high fluid level alarms can be installed onto any oil tank. The alarm includes a cap to keep debris out of the drum, and suppresses vapors. It is very easy to install the High Level Tank Alarm. Once the battery is installed, simply secure the alarm into the Roth oil tank and you’re ready to go.

High Level Tank Alarm Features

  • Continuous Monitoring – The suction tube is permanently attached to the alarm unit
  • Built for tough industrial environments
  • Adjustable depth on all models
  • Battery Powered – Uninterruptible battery power lasts for years (lithium battery included)
  • Loud Alarm Tone – Cuts through the loudest industrial noise
  • Simple Operating Check – Just lift the Tank Alarm out of the tank
  • Float switch is uniquely protected inside a rigid pipe
  • Standard polypropylene material, suitable for almost all chemicals, durable, and will tolerate temperatures up to 200ºF.
  • No wetted metal parts