Enduraplas Portable DEF Tank

Portable DEF Tank are the superior solution for diesel exhaust fluid storage and transfer, tried and proven in the harshest conditions.

Keep The Fluid In, and The Dust Out. Whether you need a DEF tank for your pick-up truck or for the back of your UTV, these mobile solutions are complete with a 9gpm pump package to deliver your diesel exhaust fluid safely in prime conditions.

25 Gallon Capacity Portable DEF Tank 55 Gal Portable DEF Tank 75 Gal DEF Dispensing Equipment 100 Gallon Mobile Bulk DEF DEF Tote with Easy Lift Tank Handles Transfer from Pickup Truck Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tote Transfer On Site

These Portable DEF Tank are complete with a high-quality stainless-steel pump and auto shut-off handles that are fully enclosed in a lockable pump compartment for security and protection. The tank has molded-in handles for easy lifting, a 20′ long-reach hose, and a compact, lightweight design.

Enduraplas DEF Transfer Features

Tri-Lock™ Security
DEF can be locked up and secure with provision to lock the fuel nozzle, fill point and PUMP-SHIELD™ protection cover.

Corode-Proof™ Material
Built with ISO 2224 compliant material, this DEF Tote will keep the DEF pure and eliminate engine damage.

Impact-Flex™ Structure
With sturdy side-walls, this workhorse is high-impact-resistant and virtually indestructible. Unlike steel or aluminum, it will consistently flex and bounce back.

Pump-Shield™ Cover
The pump & dispense meter sits neat and tight out of the weather.

Self-Activate™ Shut-Off Nozzle
This well-built Diesel Exhaust Fluid nozzle is engineered to shut-off automatically when the machine is completely full.

Easy-Lift™ Handles
Molded-in, solid handles make loading and unloading this unit effortless.

Bolt-Fix™ Inserts
For a more permanent option, the four molded-in inserts in the base of the tank will keep this unit where you put it.

Anchor-Point™ Strap Grooves
Heavy-duty, never-fail strap groves are built-in on both sides. This makes tying down this unit quick and hassle-free.

Enduraplas Portable DEF Tank Specifications:

  • DEF Pump Type: (Stainless Steel) Vane
  • Fill Point: 3/4″
  • Hose Length: Flexible 20′ for long reach
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Compatible Liquids: DEF
  • Spray Gun Type: Auto shut-off
  • Electric Cable Length: 21″
  • Flow Rate (GPM): 9
  • Fully Enclosed Lockable Pump Cover
  • DEF Tank has Built-In Easy Lift Handles
Part No. Capacity Weight Dimensions
DEF25E 25 Gallons 100 Lbs. 32″L x 27″W x 20″H
DEF55E 55 Gallons 105 Lbs. 32″L x 27″W x 29″H
DEF75E 75 Gallons 160 Lbs. 51″L x 21″W x 31″H
DEF100E 100 Gallons 185 Lbs. 47″L x 34″W x 34″H