Mobile DEF Tote

Mini Portable DEF Tote with 9gpm DEF Dispense

25 Gallon Mobile DEF Tote25 Gallon Mobile DEF Tote55 Gal Portable DEF75 Gal DEF Dispensing Equipment100 Gallon Mobile Bulk DEFEasy Lift DEF Tank HandlesDEF Tote Transfer from Pickup TruckDEF Tote Transfer On Site

Fluidall’s mobile DEF Tote is the superior mobile DEF solution for diesel exhaust fluid transfer, tried and proven for over 10 years in the harshest conditions. Whether you need a DEF tank for your pick up truck or for the back of your UTV, we have the best solution complete with a 9gpm pump package to deliver your DEF safely in prime conditions.

    Technical Specifications:

  • Heavy Duty Poly Tote for DEF Compatibility
  • Fully Enclosed Lockable Pump Cover
  • DEF Tank has Built-In Easy Lift Handles
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Pumps (9gpm) with Auto Shutoff Nozzle
  • Flexible 20’ Hose for Long Reach
DEF Tank CapacityDEF Tank Length x WidthDEF Tank Height
25 Gallons32" x 27"20"
55 Gallons32" x 27"29"
75 Gallons51" x 21"31"
100 Gallons51" x 21"38"