The Cup Runneth Over

How the Addition of Newberry’s Steel Tanks to Fluidall’s Catalog Created an Immediate and Profitable Revenue Stream

The Client

Fluidall, LLC is the most innovative and fastest growing fluid storage solution manufacturer in North America and an active distributor of all products related to oil and petroleum storage. Rob Hegg is the Vice President of Sales and Operations. Brandon Varness is the Regional Manager for the Western U.S.

Wanted: Reliable and Code Compliant Steel Tank Manufacturer

Fluidall’s catalog is one of the most comprehensive in the U.S. for all products related to oil and petroleum storage. However, the catalog did not offer steel tanks.

Steel Oil Tank Demand Rob Hegg explains, "We had a number of customers that were interested in steel tanks, but we simply didn’t have a relationship with a vendor that met our needs. I heard good things about Newberry, and I liked their Midwestern location from a distribution standpoint. Most of their competitors are on the East or West Coast. Much easier to get national distribution from a Memphis location."

The fact that Newberry Tanks is a Steel Tank Institute member, and therefore compliant with all UL 142 codes, also helped. Brandon explains, "There seems to be more and more code compliance every day, so having code compliant tanks really matters."

Rob contacted VP of Sales James Fischer and Sales Manager Trevor Fisher at Newberry.

Newberry’s Price, Delivery and Customer Service Fill the Gap

Newberry’s "New Thinking" philosophy emphasizes expedited delivery and turnkey solutions. The fact that Newberry is a FedEx strategic partner, as well as located close to FedEx headquarters, helped buoy Rob’s confidence. "We felt they could meet our delivery needs, and the price point was right where it should be."

Rob decided to start by offering a variety of Newberry’s lube oil tanks. He contracted to market the award-winning Double Wall Slimline, Workbench and Horizontal steel tanks. He then fired up Fluidall’s impressive marketing engine to announce the new line, anticipating an at least a year long lag before the products would be profitable.

Rob explains, "Usually it takes 12-18 months for a new product to gain traction. But in this instance, demand was immediate."

Back to the Well: Fluidall Expands Newberry Offerings

Rob continues, "I went back to Newberry to expand the line, and then went back again to expand it a second time."

Rob’s endorsement is categorical. "Everything about Newberry has been great:

  • The turnaround time for quotes or questions
  • The quality
  • The delivery
  • And the lines of communication are always there. They’re very responsive."

Steel Oil Tank Results
Brandon concurs. "I’ve been talking to Newberry’s customer service ever since Rob closed the deal. And Trevor and Nancy are phenomenal. If my customer has a question, I call them, and they get back to me in 15 or 20 minutes. With other companies I sometimes have to wait hours."

And what have customers had to say?

Rob replies, "Our industry is pretty thankless, so if you don’t hear any complaints, that’s the compliment. We haven’t had any complaints about a Newberry product to my knowledge and that says a lot. Because we’ve sold a fair number of them."

Newberry’s "New Thinking" helped produce immediate sales, high demand, and customer satisfaction for the company and their customers. You might even say Fluidall’s "cup runneth over."

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