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Secondary Containment Tanks

EPA Compliant Containment Tanks and Basins for Oil and Chemical Spills

Poly Containment Vessel with Built-In Drip Tray

Poly Containment Vessel with Built-In Drip TrayAluminum Containment TankSteel Containment TankForkliftable Steel Containment Tank with Legs

Secondary containment tanks must be able to hold a minimum of 110% capacity of the largest primary tank within a stack or 110% capacity of an individual primary tank.

Fluidall’s secondary containment tanks provide an excellent secondary barrier between primary oil storage tanks and the external environment. Available in poly, aluminum and steel, our containment tanks are designed for use with our stackable poly tanks. Our containment tanks are compliant with the latest SPCC regulations when correctly sized with primary oil tanks.

  • Poly containment basins are rotomolded, created in one seamless piece. Some models feature built-in drip trays, drains and covers for use outdoors.
  • Aluminum diamondplate containment is a durable, non-flammable containment vessel for storing chemicals, lubricants, and other industrial fluids.
  • Steel containment tanks compliment storage systems with one or multiple stacked tanks, can accommodate both gravity feed or pump dispense, and fit a drip tray assembly inside the containment vessel.
  • Steel containment tanks with five inch legs are forklift ready for mobility around the shop. Configure forkliftable containment basins with a single primary tank and a pump package; they are not meant to be used with drip trays nor gravity feed dispense.

Contact a Fluidall representative to determine the most economical secondary tank solution for your oil and fluid containment needs.

Secondary Containment Specifications

Photo Model Material Gallon Capacity Largest Tank Compatibility Outer Width Outer Depth Outer Height Weight (Lbs.)
CV150 Secondary Containment CV150 Poly 150 Stacked T120 36" 48" 22" 50
CV200 Secondary Containment CV200 with Built-In Drip Tray Poly 200 Stacked T130 or T180 46" 64" 20" 50
CV135A Secondary Containment CV85A Aluminum 85 Stacked T70 38" 47" 11" 40
CV135A Aluminum 135 Stacked T120 38" 47" 18" 55
CV270S Secondary Containment CV210S with 5" Legs (Forkliftable) Steel 210 Single T180 46" 46" 29" 150
CV270S with 5" Legs (Forkliftable) Steel 270 Single T240 46" 46" 35" 185
CV370S with 5" Legs (Forkliftable) Steel 370 Single T330 46" 46" 46" 231
CV275S Secondary Containment CV85S Steel 85 Stacked T70 38" 47" 11" 107
CV150S Steel 150 Stacked T120 36" 48" 22" 132
CV275S Steel 275 Stacked T130, T180, T240 46" 56" 25" 174
CV375S Steel 375 Stacked T330 46" 56" 34" 254

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