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DEF Shelters, Fluidall’s Bulk DEF Storage and Dispensing Systems

Store, Dispense, and Protect the Purity of Bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid Within a Secure Climate-Controlled Footprint

DEF Storage and Dispensing Systems
DEF Storage and Dispensing SystemsDEF Systems for Fuel IslandsA Look Inside Our DEF Storage and Dispensing SystemsDispense with DEF Pump25' DEF Hose and Reel

Fluidall’s climate-controlled Bulk DEF Shelters, manufactured for bulk DEF storage and dispense, are complete solutions constructed with a CNC cut powder-coated aluminum shelter assembled with a heavy-duty stainless steel rivet system; shielding inside the polyethylene storage tanks and a sealed Micro-Matic dispense and fill system. These pre-assembled Shelters utilize all DEF approved storage and dispense components to maintain and protect the purity of your diesel exhaust fluid.

We offer two fully-equipped island-friendly DEF Shelters: the Cold Climate DEF Shelter with insulated top and side panels which comes with a heater and thermostat, and the Warm Climate DEF Storage and Dispensing Systems with insulation on the top panel to protect each gallon of DEF against temperature and weather fluctuations.

Available in 660 or 990 gallon capacities, the DEF Shelters are delivered prewired for 115V 15amp service and pre-assembled with a forklift ready base, locking dual side doors and a locking dispense cabinet featuring the self-priming Hornet DEF pump, digital meter, stainless steel nozzle and 15’ dispense hose. Optional equipment includes a DEF Hose Reel with a 25’ Retractable Hose, a Solid Floor Plate (Powder Coated Aluminum), and a Pulse Meter.

Fluidall’s DEF Shelter is superior with our unparalleled construction. Our fuel-island-friendly bulk DEF Shelter is easily relocatable, maintains DEF fluid safety from all environmental concerns, and the Shelters are built tough to handle demanding use from retail dispensing. Fluidall will protect your DEF fluid purity with climate-controlled Bulk DEF Storage and Dispensing Systems, manufactured to be seamlessly installed for your immediate DEF storage and dispensing needs.

    Highlights of Our DEF Storage and Dispensing Systems:

  • CNC Cut Powder Coated Aluminium Shelter Assembled with Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Rivet System
  • Dual Locking Gas Shock Assisted Side Doors with Three Position Click Hinges
  • 4″ Base With Side Forklift Access (Use for initial installation only. Not to be utilized for moving shelters with DEF in the tanks.)
  • Interior Anchoring Hole Points
  • Fits Most Commercial and Industrial Fuel Islands
  • DEF Approved Tanks with a Sealed Micro-Matic Dispense and Fill System
  • Tanks Constructed from UL Rated Food Grade Polyethylene Resins with Extra Strength Corrugated Side Walls
  • Self-Priming Hornet Vein Pump
  • Stainless Steel Automatic Shut-Off Nozzle
  • 15′ Delivery Hose
  • Digital Dispense Meter
  • Side Mounted Electrical Panel with Passive Vent
  • 4 GFCI-15A Dual Duplex Outlets
  • Single Phase, 115V Exterior Junction Box (Provided)
  • Optional DEF Hose Reel w/ 25’ Retractable Hose
  • Optional Solid Floor Plate (Powder Coated Aluminium)
  • Optional Pulse Meter
  • Ships fully assembled for efficient site installation.
Warm Climate DEF Shelter
Insulated Top Only
Cold Climate DEF Shelter
Insulated Top and Sides with Heater and Thermostat
Storage Capacity 660 Gallons 990 Gallons
Overall Footprint 48"W x 108"D 48"W x 156"D
Shelter Height 74"H 74"H

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