Aqueous Parts Washers

Fluidall’s Aqueous Parts Washers Clean Oil and Debris Away from Automotive and Engine Parts

Aqueous Parts Washers are commonly used in automotive and maintenance operations, and because the water-based cleaning solution is non-flammable, aqueous washers are less hazardous to operate than petroleum solvent parts washers.

Ecomaster Biowash Aqueous Parts WasherHeated Biowash Aqueous Parts Washer with Soak Tank Package
Solvent-Free Parts Washer
Continuously Purifies the Cleaning Bath
300 gallon/h flow
Flexible Spigot Heater
Boost Cleaning Mode and Eco Mode
Includes 25 gallons BlueLiquid and 4 BlueTablets
26 Gallon Capacity
8 Gallon Soaking Capacity: 31″W x 16″L x 7″H
Overall Dimensions: 36″W x 26″L x 44″H

Aqueous Small Parts WasherHeated Aqueous Benchtop Small Parts Washer
Corrosion Resistant Fractional Pump
Flo-Through Brush
500W Heater
5 Gallon Soaking Capacity: 13.25″W x 19″L x 7″D
Overall Dimensions: 14″W x 19.5″L x 7.5″D

12 Gallon Drum Mounted Portable Parts WasherHeated/Unheated Drum Mounted Portable Aqueous Parts & Brake Washer
Heavy Duty Air Pump and Flexible Metal Spigot
Dual Filtration System
Removable Dual-Purpose Cover & Catch Basin
12 Gallon Soaking Capacity: 20″W x 24″L x 7″D
Overall Dimensions: 28″W x 28″L x 41″D

Mechanical Agitating Aqueous Parts WasherHeated Agitating Clean and Soak Parts Washer
Equipped with a Filter System and Corrosion Resistant Fractional Pump
Features a Mechanical Agitator with 15 Spray Heads
1000W Heater
30 Gallon Soaking Capacity: 26″W x 36″L x 18″D
Overall Dimensions: 29″W x 45″L x 66″D

45 Gallon Auto Washer with Soaking SinkHeated Clean and Soak Parts Washer
Corrosion Resistant Fractional Pump
Dual Filtration System
Removable Sink
1000W Heater
40 Gallon Capacity
10 Gallon Soaking Capacity: 34″W x 23″L x 9″D
Overall Dimensions: 34″W x 23″L x 33″D