Steel Midnight Pro Series WorkBench with Drawers for Tool Storage

Each Heavy-Duty WorkBench with Drawers Provides a Generous Work Area and Strong Drawers Sized to Hold Everything You Need

Heavy-Duty Shop WorkBench with Drawers

Steel WorkbenchLaser Cut Tool Drawer LinersHeavy Duty Tool DrawersStorage KeysLocking Tool Cabinet StorageStainless Steel Top with 6 Outlets and 4 USB Ports

Made from high-gauge stainless steel, each Midnight Pro Series WorkBench provides a generous work area and feature strong drawers sized to fit all the tools you need to get your tools organized and stay clutter free in your garage, dealership or industrial shop. The cabinets feature a full adjustable shelf on the inside and the tool cabinet doors magnetically close. Single-railed skinny drawers are rated for 100 pounds, and double-railed deep drawers are rated for 300 pounds. Barrel drawer locks locking each column of drawers keeps items secure.

With a thick 14 gauge stainless steel top over top of 1 1/2 of solid wood you can bolt your vice, bench grinder, or even an engine stand to the top of the workbench and they will be rock solid! Each Midnight Pro Series WorkBench features 4 USB ports and 6 electrical outlets, which makes powering and charging tools a snap. Fully encased backs, bottoms, and drawer locks add security and put your mind at ease, especially if your workbench will be located at work or away from your home. Add optional heavy duty casters to make moving or rearranging easier.

Heavy Duty Midnight Pro Series WorkBench Features

  • All Steel Welded Frame 14 Gauge Square Tubing
  • Galvanized Steel Drawers with 14 Gauge Drawer Fronts
  • Steel Drawer Bodies are 16 Gauge
  • Work Surface is 14G Stainless Steel over 1 1/2" of Solid Wood
  • 4 Inch Lip on the Top Back Work Surface
  • Fully Enclosed Backs
  • All Powder Coat Finish
  • Steel Ball Bearing Rail Slides with Detent
  • Skinny Drawers with Drawer Locks are Single Railed, Rated For 100Lbs Each
  • Deep Drawers with Drawer Locks are Double Railed, with Double Gussets On The Bottom, and Rated for 300Lbs Each
  • All Drawers Fully Open
  • Now with 6 Outlets And 4 USB Ports

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