Pump Mounting Plates, Brackets and Shelves

Conveniently Mount Universal Dispense Packages Utilizing Fluidall’s Heavy-Duty Shelves, Mounting Plates and Brackets

Design your Tote-A-Lube fluid storage system with Fluidall’s heavy-duty steel shelves, mounting plates and footprint conversion brackets for a complete multi-fluid stacked tank solution configured with system-mounted dispense packages.

Side Mount Dispense Options

Top Mount Dispense Options

Footprint Conversion Brackets

Tote-A-Lube Tank Conversion BracketFootprint Conversion Brackets
Tote-A-Lube Footprint Conversion Bracket Secures a 32" Tote-A-Lube Tank Stacked on Top of a 42" Tote-A-Lube Tank.