Stackable Small Gravity Feed Tanks

Fluidall’s 6.5 Gallon Small Gravity Feed Tanks Feature Molded Bottom Feet and Top Pockets to Securely Stack The Tanks

Stackable Gravity Feed Tanks Stackable Gravity Feed Tanks Small Gravity Feed Tank Top of Tank Fill Port and Foot Pockets Bottom of Tank Molded Feet Optional Placard for Gravity Feed Tanks

Are you tired of Good Products, Packaged Poorly?

Eliminate these Bag-In-The-Box Hassles with Fluidall’s new Stackable Small Gravity Feed Tanks

  • Disposal hassles such as breaking down boxes and draining bags
  • Product waste from a never completely emptied Bag-In-The-Box
  • Unsightly fluid storage areas from oil-soaked messy boxes
  • Limited selection of available fluids
  • Messy, slippery work areas
  • Overpaying for small fluid quantities
  • Damaged product from deliveries and accidents

Problems Solved!

Eliminate Product Waste, Cleans-Up Fluid Dispense Areas and Expands Fluid Selection with One Simple Solution and Store Up to 6.5 Gallons In Each Refillable Tank; Your Choice of Fluid!

  • Visual Inventory of Fluid Levels
  • Easy Fill Design with a 2" Angled Fill Port
  • Molded-In Carry Handles
  • 3/4" Polyethylene Valve
  • Fluid Identification Label Area on Front of Tank
  • Constructed from UL Rated Polyethylene Resins
  • Optional Placard Kit
  • Optional Aluminum Handle

Our stackable 6.5 gallon capacity Gravity Feed Tanks are translucent to display interior fluid levels and are manufactured from UL Rated food-grade polyethylene. Each small capacity stackable tank features bottom molded feet and a sloped bottom for efficient gravity feed dispense. Located on the top of the tank is a 2" fill port and four molded feet pockets to stabilize a stacked tank system. Molded front inserts are positioned on the front of the gravity feed tank for labeling fluids. The tanks come standard with molded front and back handles and a 3/4" polyethylene valve. The small capacity Gravity Feed Tanks can be ordered with optional aluminum handles or a placard kit.

Part No. T6.5-1
Description (1) Stackable Tank with Poly Valve
Dimensions 11.9"W x 16.5"D x 10"H
Optional Accessories for 6.5 Gallon Gravity Feed Tanks Part No.
Aluminum Handle HANDLE6
Placard Kit PLAC58