Multi Fluid & Oil Dispensing System

Mobilize Dual Fluids on Our Multi Fluid and Oil Dispensing System

Oil Dispensing System

Fluidall’s Multi Fluid and Oil Dispensing System is a flexible configuration that stores and handles two bulk fluids with ease at point-of-service. The mobile system is equipped with a powder-coated reel plate that secures one tank-mounted diaphragm pump and a single hose reel on top of two fluid storage tanks. The system is configured on a steel fork-pocketed base with 8" casters and the steel framework secure all components.

This Mobile Multi Fluid & Oil Dispensing System eliminates hassles associated with oil drums and packaged goods, reduces fluid expenses by enabling bulk fluid delivery, and it maximizes valuable floor space – all in one small mobile footprint. The system configuration is flexible to fit your specifications. Filtration can be added, and storage tank sizes range from 35 to 240 gallon capacities.

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