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Portable Filtration System

Filter Multiple Fluids with Mobile Filtration

Portable Filtration System

Portable Oil Filtration SystemPortable System BreatherGraco Oil Pump

The Portable Filtration System is a customized mobile filtration unit designed for transporting, filtering and dispensing motor oils, hydraulic oils or other industrial fluids. Our space-saving industrial portable filtration system is designed for mobile uses in-shop, in-bay or for other flexible storage locations. Portable oil filtration systems can be configured with rolling casters or as a skid and transported via pickup truck, trailer, or other maintenance vehicles.

Built on the small skid frame (42″ x 40″), this specific portable configuration is a multi-fluid storage system with (3) 35 gallon oil tanks, and a dedicated air pump for each industrial oil or fluid. This specific filtration system utilizes a diaphragm pump for waste oil and two piston pumps to pre-filter two fluids before dispensing through hose reels and utilizes quick connects to fill the tanks from a bulk storage source and for dispensing filtered fluids to other external containers. Our mobile systems also utilize breathers to ensure conditioned fluids remain dry and free from contaminants. Let Fluidall support your best practices in reliability engineering by designing a customized storage and dispensing solution for your plant.

Portable Oil Filtration System Specifications
Max Capacity 35, 70 or 120 Gallons Each Tote-A-Lube Tank (Three 35 Gallon Tanks as shown)
Dimensions with Fill Port 42″W x 40″D
Standard Openings (1 per Tank) Angled Fill Port with 2″ NPT Poly Cap, 2″ NPT Brass Plug, and 1″ Bulkhead
Portable Skid Steel Skid with Fork Pockets (Casters are Optional)
Particulate Filter 1 each for 2 Tanks
Breather 1 per Tank
System Functions Draw Oil or Lube into Portable Storage
Filter and Dispense Fluids to External Unit

Request a Filtration System Estimate

Request a Filtration System Estimate

Select Filtration System

Filtration Panel UnitHand Truck Filtration Cart, Single FluidHand Truck Filtration Cart, Multi-FluidPlatform Style Filtration Cart, Single FluidPlatform Style Filtration Cart, Multi-FluidMobile Skid with FiltrationLube Room Filtration50Lb Portable Filtration Machine

Application or Project

Fluid Type / Viscosity

Ambient Temperature

Do you need Water Removal Filtration

Desired Particulate Levels:

Desired Gal/Min Dispense Rate

NOTES: Any thing else you feel is important, let us know. This may include storage tank capacities, system quantities, specific filtration equipment, accessories not listed, the date you need a system delivered, etc.

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