Oil Filtration Equipment Panel

High Capacity Filtration Panel for Heavy Lube Systems

Portable Oil Filtration for Roth Double Wall TanksOil Filtration Equipment Panel on DWT

Fluidall’s Oil Filtration Equipment Panel is manufactured for use on our Roth double wall tanks and our stackable poly tank solutions. Our filtrating panel can draw industrial fluids from external sources and can transfer fluids for point-of-use filtration, top-offs, and fluid change-overs.

A complete filtrating system will reduce operating expenses, maintain clean and dry fluids, minimize wear on gears and o-rings, and will extend lubricant and oil life.

    Oil Filtration Equipment Panel Specifications:

    The panel unit features large spin-on elements for low pressure drop and high dirt holding capacity. Various grades of media are available, and filtration equipment is also available in a water removal kit.

  • Heavy Duty HR Steel Back Plate, Powder Coated
  • 1 HP. Electric Motor, 120/1/60, TEFC
  • On/Off Switch with 3′ Cord
  • Heavy Duty Gear Pump with Internal Relief, 5 GPM, (other flows available)
  • Dual Filter Heads (with 50 PSI bypass)
  • Hi-Capacity Filter Elements
  • Delta P Differential Pressure Gauge Across Both Heads
  • 7′ Hoses, Clear PVC with Quick Disconnect
  • Dispensing Nozzle with ½” Mating Quick Disconnect
  • Tote Breather Assembly

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