25-Ton Electric / Hydraulic Automotive Oil Filter Crusher

Our 25 Ton heavy duty oil filter crusher is the most profitable waste oil treatment solution eliminating the requirement for a hazardous waste treatment permit!

The 25 Ton oil filter crusher hydraulically punctures and crushes automotive, industrial and light truck filters down to 20% of the original size while removing 95% of residual oil. The generous size crushing chamber easily accommodates the largest of spin-on filters. Filters up to 15.25”H and 6” in diameter are crushed is seconds flat, significantly reducing waste volume. The heavy duty crusher stand accepts a 30 gallon oil storage drum beneath the crusher, collecting free-flowing used oil for recycling. After the oil filters are crushed they can be separated and sent to a recycling facility that pays you the scrap metal’s value.

25 Ton Filter Crusher

  • Automotive and HD filters are crushed in appx. 16 seconds
  • Filters are reduced to 20% of original size
  • Automatic cycle let you load, push start, then walk away
  • Powered by 2 HP electric/hydraulic pump
  • Built-in, heavy duty crusher stand accepts a 30 gallon drum for drainage
  • Converts filters from haz-mat to scrap metal
  • Crush Time: 8-16 Seconds
  • Oil Removed: 95%
  • Filter Size (Chamber): 15.25"H x 6"OD
  • Crusher Dimensions: 27"L x 30"W x 78"H

  10-Ton Oil Filter Crusher 25-Ton Oil Filter Crusher
Model WO1821OFC WO1896OFC
Pump Air Operated Pump 2 HP Electric/Hydraulic Pump
Crusher Cycle Automatic Automatic (Load, Start, Walk Away)
Removed Oil Filter Crusher Removes Up to 95% Oil Filter Crusher Removes Up to 95% Oil
Chamber 8" x 8" x 9"H 6" Dia. x 15.25"H
Filter Crusher Crushes (4) 3-7/8"Dia x 9"H Oil Filters at Once Crushes (1) 6" Dia x 15.25"H Oil Filters at Once
Crush Time 20 Seconds 8 to 16 Seconds
Filter Reduction Size Variable Reduces Filter to 20% of Original Size
Overall Dimensions 18.5"W x 24"D x 64"H 27"W x 30"D x 78"H
Crusher Stand Included Built-In Heavy Duty Crusher Stand with Leveling Pegs
Oil Drainage Accepts 30 Gallon Oil Drum Accepts 30 Gallon Oil Drum


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