10 Ton Oil Filter Crusher

An Air Operated Oil Filter Crusher from Fluidall will save your auto shop money and it will help you stay in compliance with EPA regulations.

Our 10 Ton Crusher will reduce as many as four filters in a single crushing motion, in under 20 seconds, while removing up to 95% of the used motor oil and sludge. Once the used filters are reduced to scrap metal, you call sell them to a recycling facility that pays you the value of the scrap metal. This 10 Ton Oil Filter Crusher is a simple and profitable solution, saving shop space from piles of bulky oil filters.

10 Ton Oil Filter Crusher

  • Crushes 4 filters at once, in 20 seconds
  • 100% air operation eliminates electrical connections
  • Crush Time: 20 Seconds
  • Oil Removed: 95%
  • Filter Size (Chamber): 9"H x 8"OD
  • Dimensions: 24"L x 18"W x 64"H

  10-Ton Oil Filter Crusher 25-Ton Oil Filter Crusher
Model WO1821OFC WO1896OFC
Pump Air Operated Pump 2 HP Electric/Hydraulic Pump
Crusher Cycle Automatic Automatic (Load, Start, Walk Away)
Removed Oil Filter Crusher Removes Up to 95% Oil Filter Crusher Removes Up to 95% Oil
Chamber 8" x 8" x 9"H 6" Dia. x 15.25"H
Filter Crusher Crushes (4) 3-7/8"Dia x 9"H Oil Filters at Once Crushes (1) 6" Dia x 15.25"H Oil Filters at Once
Crush Time 20 Seconds 8 to 16 Seconds
Filter Reduction Size Variable Reduces Filter to 20% of Original Size
Overall Dimensions 18.5"W x 24"D x 64"H 27"W x 30"D x 78"H
Crusher Stand Included Built-In Heavy Duty Crusher Stand with Leveling Pegs
Oil Drainage Accepts 30 Gallon Oil Drum Accepts 30 Gallon Oil Drum


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