Mobile Filter Cart

Fluidall’s Mobile Filter Cart is Lightweight and Has Power to Filter Oil Viscosities up to 600cSt

Mobile Filter Cart

Fluidall’s Filter Cart is an excellent choice for off-line filtration for a wide variety of applications. Extremely mobile and lightweight, our filter carts have all the power needed for filtering oil viscosities up ot 600cSt (ISA VG 680) at 100F within ambient temperatures ranging from -15F to 150F.

Fluidall offers a filter cart that filters a single gear oil or motor oil as well as a dual filtering tandem filter cart that filters two different oil types – saving time and money. Our filter carts are ideal for filtering contaminated systems, flushing new or repaired systems, pre-filtering new oil, transferring oils, topping off reservoirs, collecting oil samples for analysis and for dispensing new oil

    Filter Cart Specifications:

  • Single Oil Filter Cart Frame: Carbon Steel
  • Dual Oil Filter Cart Frame: Carbon Steel with Drip Pan
  • Motor: 1HP, 115vac, 60Hz or Pneumatic
  • Pump: Heavy Duty, Cast Steel Gear Pump with 150PSI Internal Pump Relief; Available Flow Rates: 1, 2, 5, and 10 GPM
  • Power Switch: Sealed On/Off Power Switch
  • Cord: 40ft Retractable Cord Reel
  • Filter Heads: Medium Pressure, Cast Aluminum Heads
  • Filter Indicators: Slide bar Indicator Triggers at 50 PSID when Elements Need to be Changed.
  • Elements: Highly Efficient, 5”x 14” β(c)= 2000 or 5”x 14” β(c)= 1000 Filter Elements; Various Particulate and Water Removal Elements Available
  • Hoses: 7ft, Clear PVC, Steel Reinforced Hose or Hydraulic Hose
  • Hose Connections: Various Quick Connect Options Available

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NOTES: Any thing else you feel is important, let us know. This may include storage tank capacities, system quantities, specific filtration equipment, accessories not listed, the date you need a system delivered, etc.

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