Steel Lubrication Skid Base for Fluidall’s Tote-A-Lube Tanks

Fluidall’s Steel Lubrication Skid Base is Forkliftable and Supports Multiple Fluidall Tanks to Transport, Store and Dispense Fluids in One Portable Package

Lubrication Skid Lubrication Skid Portable Lube Skid with Casters Mobile Skid with Casters Lube Oil Skids Forkliftable Storage Tanks Mobile Lube Skid Portable Storage Tank on Forklift

Our Steel Lubrication Skid Base conveniently fits onto a truck bed or onto an ATV to transport multiple fluids, such as oil, lubricants, DEF and other automotive fluids to remote work sites and service areas. This rugged 40" x 40" steel skid base supports Fluidall’s Tote-A-Lube Tanks and top notch dispense equipment, all in one portable package that is preassembled before arriving to you. Stack and dispense from up to three Fluidall Tote-A-Lube Tanks on a single skid platform. The 35, 70 and 120 gallon capacity tanks will be secured on a single lube skid configuration for servicing DEF, oil and more fluids to remote areas. This mobile skid base features heavy duty shelves to support dispense equipment such as pumps, hose reels and dispense guns. The base can also be configured with other add-ons such as caster wheels and on-board filtration.

The complete mobile skid package pictured above is configured with the forkliftable steel lubrication skid base (part no. MLCSKID), (2) 70 gallon Tote-A-Lube Tanks and complete Graco dispense equipment packages.

Mobile Lubrication Skid Specifications
ULC Certified Fluidall’s Tote-A-Lube stackable plastic tanks are ULC certified
Tank Compatibility 35, 70 and 120 Gallon Tote-A-Lube Tanks. Maximum stacked tank height (including Fill Port height) is 45".
Lubrication Skid BaseDimensions 40" x 40" x 28"H (Add 10" Height for Caster Wheels)
Openings per Tank (1) Angled Fill Port with 2" NPT Poly Cap
(1) 2" NPT Plug
(1) 1" NPT Stainless Steel Bottom Fitting
Lubrication Skid Base Weight 187 lbs.
UV Symbol UV Resiliance Fluidall’s tanks are manufactured with the latest generation of high performing UV stabilized resins for longer exposure life to direct sunlight and ultraviolet light.