Transfer Oil Storage Containers for Color Coded Fluid Identification

These Oil Storage Containers Provide an Easy-To-Use and Error-Free Solution to Identify, Store, Transport and Dispense Lubricants While Keeping Lubricants Free From Dust, Dirt, Water and Other Machine-Damaging Contaminants.

Oil Storage Containers

Industry experts indicate the most common source of contamination happens when transferring lubricants and automotive fluids between bulk containers and top-off points. The Transfer Oil Storage Containers and Color Coded Lids play an important role in keeping your lubricants containment-free.

The semi-transparent containers are extremely stable and are designed into a rectangular shape with a forearm rest to ease of storing, filling, pouring and transporting fluids. The containers feature a wide top fill opening and have graduated markings along the side of container making oil levels easy to see.

Each oil storage container comes with a writable label, color coded lids and color coded breather vents to provide easy lubricant identification.

The Transfer Oil Storage Containers are available in four convenient sizes and are easy to pour from. Just switch the breather vent to the on position and begin pouring, then turn to the off position when finished.

Transfer Oil Storage Containers

Transfer Oil Storage Containers Features

  • Fluid Identification Labels – Writable labels ensure the correct lubricant is used in the right piece of equipment and in the proper location
  • Compact and Extremely Stable Design – Rectangle container shape allows for stability when using the hand pump
  • Container has English and Metric Graduations – Making fluid levels easy to see
  • Construction – Manufactured from Semi-Transparent High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with Ultraviolet (UV) Stabilizers
  • Wide Opening – For rapid, no-spill filling
  • Ergonomically Contoured – Container design has forearm rest to distribute weight of container
  • Durable Top Carry Handle with Contour Finger Grips – For ease of Transporting with a comfortable and secure hold
  • Front and Back Handles with Contour Finger Grips – For easy pouring
  • Breather Vents – Easy Twist On/Off Style – Provides hands-free control with no strain on thumb

Unique Container Specifications

Capacity 1 Gallon / (4 Litre) OC34459TR
Capacity 2 Gallons / (8 Litre) OC34460TR
Capacity 3 Gallons / (11 Litre) OC34461TR
Capacity 4 Gallons / (15 Litre) OC34462TR

Hand Pump

Fit the Hand Pump to a Pump Storage Lid and Mate with a 2, 3, or 4 Gallon Container

Ideal for awkward to hard-to-reach oil top off applications such as gearboxes, lathes, and milling machines. Supplied with the outlet hose and anti-drip nozzle.
Part No. OCHP34463TL

Colored Lids with Dispense Nozzles, Colored Pump Storage Lids and Colored Breather Vents

Transfer Oil Storage Lids

Color Coded Features

  • Buna-N O-Ring – Seals Lubricants from the External Environment
  • Interchangeable Lids – Available in 10 colors
  • Quarter Turn Lids – Provide efficient storage because less space is required
  • Twist Open and Close Nozzle – Controls flow rate
  • Slip Resistant Nozzle Grip – The textured nozzle on each lid provides a comfortable grip
  • An easy twist open/close breather vent provides hands-free control with no thumb strain.
  • All oil storage containers are supplied with a BLACK Breather Vent as standard.

Nozzle Lid Uses

Lid with 1" Nozzle
Lid with 1" Nozzle
Topping-off engines, crankcases and other areas where higher flow is required.
Lid with 1/2" Nozzle
Use with oils having viscosities up to ISO 460 or where precise pouring is required.
Lid with 1/4" Nozzle
Controlled pouring into small reservoirs or filler holes.
Pump Storage Lid
Multi-purpose lid allows rapid pouring. Ideal for topping-off machinery, crankcases or large engine blocks.
Breather Vent
Coordinate with lid or identify viscosity grade, lubrication frequency, or base oil type. *Containers are standard with a BLACK Breather

Nozzle Lid Specifications

Lid with 1" Nozzle: OCL34420TRYEL
Lid with 1/2" Nozzle: OCL34410TRYEL
Lid with 1/4" Nozzle: OCL34400TRYEL
Pump Storage Lid: OCPL34430TRYEL
Breather Vent: OCB24010TRYEL
Lid with 1" Nozzle: OCL34421TRRED
Lid with 1/2" Nozzle: OCL34411TRRED
Lid with 1/4" Nozzle: OCL34401TRRED
Pump Storage Lid: OCPL34431TRRED
Breather Vent: OCB24011TRRED
Lid with 1" Nozzle: OCL34422TRBLU
Lid with 1/2" Nozzle: OCL34412TRBLU
Lid with 1/4" Nozzle: OCL34402TRBLU
Pump Storage Lid: OCPL34432TRBLU
Breather Vent: OCB24012TRBLU
Lid with 1" Nozzle: OCL34423TRGRN
Lid with 1/2" Nozzle: OCL34413TRGRN
Lid with 1/4" Nozzle: OCL34403TRGRN
Pump Storage Lid: OCPL34433TRGRN
Breather Vent: OCB24013TRGRN
Lid with 1" Nozzle: OCL34424TRBLK
Lid with 1/2" Nozzle: OCL34414TRBLK
Lid with 1/4" Nozzle: OCL34404TRBLK
Pump Storage Lid: OCPL34434TRBLK
Breather Vent: OCB24014TRBLK
Lid with 1" Nozzle: OCL34425TRORG
Lid with 1/2" Nozzle: OCL34415TRORG
Lid with 1/4" Nozzle: OCL34405TRORG
Pump Storage Lid: OCPL34435TRORG
Breather Vent: OCB24015TRORG
Lid with 1" Nozzle: OCL34426TRPUR
Lid with 1/2" Nozzle: OCL34416TRPUR
Lid with 1/4" Nozzle: OCL34406TRPUR
Pump Storage Lid: OCPL34436TRPUR
Breather Vent: OCB24016TRPUR
Lid with 1" Nozzle: OCL34427TRGRA
Lid with 1/2" Nozzle: OCL34417TRGRA
Lid with 1/4" Nozzle: OCL34407TRGRA
Pump Storage Lid: OCPL34437TRGRA
Breather Vent: OCB24017TRGRA
Lid with 1" Nozzle: OCL34428TRTAN
Lid with 1/2" Nozzle: OCL34418TRTAN
Lid with 1/4" Nozzle: OCL34408TRTAN
Pump Storage Lid: OCPL34438TRTAN
Breather Vent: OCB24018TRTAN
Dark Green
dark green
Lid with 1" Nozzle: OCL34429TRDGR
Lid with 1/2" Nozzle: OCL34419TRDGR
Lid with 1/4" Nozzle: OCL34409TRDGR
Pump Storage Lid: OCPL34439TRDGR
Breather Vent: OCB24019TRDGR