Industrial Lubrication Systems

Color Coded Industrial Oil Storage System with 65 Gallon Steel TanksIndustrial Color Coded, Multi-Fluid Oil Storage Systems
Color Coded Oil Storage Systems provide centralized oil storage and dispense for up to twelve fluids with individual tank capacites of 65 gallons. The tank capacity allows for a 55 gallon drum to be transferred within the rack style system. The color coded industrial also help to eliminate the potential for mishandling by clearly identifying each fluid.

Color Coded Oil Transfer ContainersColor Coded Oil Transfer Containers
These oil storage containers provide an easy-to-use and contaminant-free solution to identify, store, transport and dispense lubricants. The rectangular shape, semi-transparent containers are extremely stable and are designed with a forearm rest to ease of storing, filling, pouring and transporting fluids. They feature a wide fill opening and graduated markings.

Oil Filtration Systems, Packages and CartsOil Filtration Systems, Packages and Carts
Oil filtration systems can be configured to be used with Roth double wall tanks or with our stackable Tote-A-Lube tanks, to transport, filter, top-off and change-over in-plant oils and industrial fluids.