Combination Diesel Fuel and DEF System

This Combination Diesel Fuel and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Transfer Tank is Forklift Ready to Service On-Site Equipment and Machinery

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Fluidall’s new Diesel Fuel Tank and DEF Combination System fits in the back of your pickup truck and is is designed for onsite refueling. The complete Fuel and DEF combo is built and then shipped pre-assembled to your specifications, providing 100 gallons of diesel fuel and either 25 or 55 gallons of Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

The 100 gallon Diesel Fuel Transfer Tank is constructed of steel and is outfitted with forklift pockets for mobility with your truck. This steel Diesel Fuel Tank is powder coated in blue and features a fuel level gauge and a vented lockable fill cap. Fluidall offers several Fill-Rite Diesel Fuel Pumps compatible with this fueling system. The Diesel Transfer Tank is shown here with a 12V DC Fill-Rite 15gpm pump 12′ hose and automatic nozzle.

Next, select an optional DEF Transfer Tank – both the 25 gallon and the 55 gallon DEF Tanks securely reside on top of the steel Fuel Tank. These heavy duty poly DEF Tanks are equipped with a fully enclosed lockable pump cover and a dedicated 12V DEF dispense package complete with 9pgm DEF pump, auto shut-off nozzle and 20′ delivery hose.