PRO DEF Equipment Package

Fluidall’s Bulk PRO DEF Equipment Package is Fully Equipped with Our Heated and Insulated DEF Dispense Cabinet and Complete with a Graco DEF Pump Package

PRO DEF Equipment PackagePRO DEF Equipment PackageHeated and Insulated DEF Equipment Cabinet

The PRO DEF Package is a fully assembled bulk system used for the safe storage and dispensing of Diesel Exhaust Fluid. The complete DEF system includes a DEF Tank, DEF Insulated and Heated Dispense Cabinet with Graco 120V Pump Package, Flow Meter, Auto Nozzle, and 20′ Delivery Hose. An optional 33′ Hose Reel can be added to the on-board DEF Equipment. Remote Fill comes standard on 850 Gallon and larger capacity PRO DEF Packages.

DEF Tank Capacity (Gallons) DEF Tank Diameter DEF Tank Height
500 46" 77"
850 54" 94"
1,000 64" 81"
1,100 60" 97"
1,200 64" 97"
1,500 64" 115"
2,100 85" 100"

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