Portable DEF System

DEF System: 120 Gallon Tank with Mobile DEF Dispense

120 Gallon Portable DEF Tank System with Pump Package

120 Gallon Portable DEF Tank System with Pump Package

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Our 120 and 70 Gallon DEF Systems are built into complete DEF solutions, manufactured to transport and refill DEF easily in-shop and in-the-field. Our proprietary DEF storage tank design provides a visual fluid DEF inventory, and is constructed from virgin polyethylene UL rated food-grade resins. Our packaged DEF system includes the DEF storage tank with a 2" draw/fill port, a forklift ready poly pallet and a stainless steel pump mounting strap. Easily configure the DEF system with your selected metered or non-metered DEF pump package, which is completely closed, sealed and secure when the system is equipped with the contaminant-free Micro-Matic closed system (Micro-Matic is included with the 120 gallon system). Refillable from large bulk DEF, our portable DEF tank solution is manufactured for multi-use applications and is reliable, secure and refillable.

120 Gallon Portable DEF Tank System
System Max Capacity120 Gallons Each Tank
System Dimensions34″W x 34″D x 36″H
Tank Dimensions32″W x 32″D x 32″H
Tank Weight50 Lbs.
Tank Openings(1) 2" Draw and Fill Port
Poly Pallet Dimensions34″W x 34″D x 7″H
Poly Pallet Weight30 Lbs.
Coupling Kit OptionsMicro-Matic Closed Coupling Kit (Includes RSV Valve, Downtube, Sealing Cable, and Dustcap)
DEF Pump OptionsGraco metered or non-metered DEF pump packages
UV SymbolUV ResilianceFluidall’s tanks are manufactured with the latest generation of high performing UV stabilized resins for longer exposure life to direct sunlight and ultraviolet light.