Delphin DEF Dispenser Unit

Mobile Delphin DEF Dispenser Unit with 5 Gallon Capacity Upper Tank

Delphin DEF Dispenser

Delphin DEF DispenserDelphin DEF Level Indicator

Delphin DEF Dispenser Unit is designed for use in vehicle service shops and automotive dealerships. The Delphin DEF Dispenser is easily transported and allows for multiple vehicles to be refilled with DEF in complete safety.

The 120V DEF pump fills the Delphin’s upper tank (5 gallon capacity with a visual level indicator for constant monitoring), which is then transferred to the vehicle’s tank by gravity via a 7′ delivery hose. Our new and innovative DEF Dispensing Unit avoids leaks and drips, its versatile and easy to move.

Delphin DEF Dispensing Unit Specifications
Upper Tank Capacity 5 Gallons
Packaged Dimensions 30.3″ x 42.1″ x 31.5″
System Weight 145.5 Lbs.
Pump 120 V Electric Pump
Hose 7′ Deliver Hose with Fitting Valve for Connection to the Vehicle Tank
Drums NOT INCLUDED. The system is designed for use with 55 gallon DEF drums and barrels.

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