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The Vault, Fluidall’s Full Featured DEF Dispensing Equipment

Our Fully Enclosed Vault is the Ultimate Solution in DEF Dispensing Equipment for Construction Sites, Mining and Harsh Environments

Vault DEF Dispensing Equipment
Vault DEF Dispensing EquipmentMini-Bulk DEF Storage and DispenseWarm Weather DEF VaultLockable Roof for the Mini-Bulk DEF VaultPneumatic Hinges for DEF Refills
Electric DEF Self-Priming Membrane Pump

The Fluidall Vault for DEF is the ultimate storage solution complete with DEF dispensing equipment for warm weather locations. The Vault stores bulk DEF capacities and is a highly secure, fully-enclosed dispensing system. The Vault’s compact footprint of 47" x 47" makes it the ideal solution for DEF storage at construction sites, mining sites, harsh environments and for private or commercial fleet use.

The Vault’s outer shell is constructed of industrial grade steel with a durable powder-coated finish. The lockable hatch opens easily with gas assist shocks for DEF refills and transfers, maintenance, and inspections. Fully welded onto the system’s steel outer tank are forklift pockets, for ease of loading and unloading the Vault. This impact-resistant outer shell will help ensure years of hassle-free use and also provides important secondary containment, which is compliant with the EPA’s SPCC guidelines, stating the outer tank capacity must be able to hold 110% capacity of the inner tank.

Enclosed in the industrial grade outer shell is our a T240 or a T180 Tote-A-Lube polyethylene tank, which is fully DEF compatible and holds a capacity of 240 or 180 gallons. Our proprietary Tote-A-Lube storage tanks are constructed from virgin polyethylene UL rated food-grade resins. Inserted in the inner tank’s left side top opening is a visual fluid level gauge. On the other front side of the system, is a closed and secure Micro-Matic RSV dispense coupler, which eliminates DEF contamination.

The Vault features performance driven DEF dispensing equipment including Graco’s electric self-priming membrane pump. Incorporated into the pump is an automatic shut off timer (6.5 min) that prevents the pump from running past the duty cycle and the automatic shut off maximizes the life of the pump. The Vault comes standard with a 25′ dispense hose reel and a dispense nozzle with automatic shut off to deliver DEF safely with our closed and secure dispense system.

Paired with the rugged, world-class fluid storage and handling solutions you expect from Fluidall, the Vault is the ultimate solution built for ease of mind DEF storage and dispense at construction sites, mining sites, harsh environments and for private or commercial fleet use.

    Vault DEF Dispensing Equipment Highlights:

  • Ships Fully Assembled for Efficient Location Placement
  • Powder Coated Steel Shell
  • Lockable Hatch
  • Forklift Slots
  • Secondary Containment is Compliant with the EPA’s SPCC Guidelines
  • Fully Enclosed 240 or 180 Gallon Inner Tank
  • Fluid Level Gauge
  • RSV Dispense Coupler
  • Graco’s 120v or 12v Electric Self-Priming Membrane Pump
  • 25′ Dispense Hose

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