DEF Station, the On-Site Solution Complete with Bulk DEF Dispensing Equipment

Store up to 1,320 gallon capacity in the heated or unheated double walled bulk DEF dispensing equipment solution.

1,320 Gallon Double Walled Bulk DEF Dispensing Equipment1,320 Gallon Double Walled Bulk DEF Dispensing Equipment660 Gallon Bulk DEF Equipment396 Gallon DEF Dispense Equipment1,320 Gallon Capacity660 Gallon Capacity396 Gallon CapacityHeater for Bulk DEF Dispensing EquipmentOptional DEF Pulse MeterOptional DEF Dry BreakBulk DEF System Hose Reel

This on-site turnkey Station is the ultimate user friendly Bulk DEF Dispensing Equipment. It is easy to use and has been designed specifically for the secure storage, dispensing and protection of DEF.

The double walled storage has a fully insulated polyethylene inner tank and an outer layer that provides built-in secondary containment. This reliable DEF Station is available in three capacity options storing either 396 gallons, 660 gallons or 1,320 gallons of diesel exhaust fluid, and features a lockable door containing the DEF dispensing equipment inside. Both heated (rated to -40°F) and unheated DEF Station systems have a closed fluid path, meaning the diesel exhaust fluid is not in any way exposed to external contamination from the point that DEF enters the tank to being dispensed into a vehicle. This Station has been put to the test in the most demanding of fleet environments, standing the test of time against the most rigorous weather conditions, customer use, and unexpected situations.

DEF Station Features

  • Polyethylene Double Walled Storage Tank Construction
  • Secondary Containment
  • Insulated Inner Tank
  • In-Line Digital Meter
  • Self-Priming Diaphragm Pump
  • 15′ Dispense Hose
  • Stainless Steel Automatic Nozzle
  • Nozzle Docking Station
  • Pneumatic Tank Level Gauge
  • DEF Dry Break, 2 1/2″ Stainless Steel Two Piece Adapter, 150 Max PSI, 2″ FNPT
  • Visual and Audible Overfill Alarms
  • Interstitial Leak Detection
  • Ventilation System
  • UL and CSA Certified Pump Assembly
  • Nominal 9.2 gpm Dispense Rate
  • 120V AC / 60 Hz / 20 Amp Service
  • Self-Resetting Thermal Protection
  • Continuous Duty Cycle Pump
  • 2" MNPT Inlet Connection
  • Lockable Door
  • Heater Option is CSA Approved (rated to -40°F)

Heated DEF Station Specifications

Heated Bulk DEF Dispensing Equipment Includes Insulated Inner Tank, Heater (rated to -40°F), Pump (9.2gpm), 15′ Hose, Meter, Auto Nozzle, DEF Dry Break, and Lockable Door.

HeatedCapacityPart No.DimensionsWeight
396 GallonsDEFSI396HPS68"W x 49"D x 95"H525 Lbs.
660 GallonsDEFSI660HPS74"W x 58"D x 95"H629 Lbs.
1,320 GallonsDEFSI1320HPS95"W x 79"D x 95"H847 Lbs.

Unheated DEF Station Specifications

Unheated Bulk DEF Dispensing Equipment Includes Insulated Inner Tank, Pump (9.2gpm), 15′ Hose, Meter, Auto Nozzle, DEF Dry Break, and Lockable Door.

UnheatedCapacityPart No.DimensionsWeight
396 GallonsDEFSI396PS68"W x 49"D x 95"H525 Lbs.
660 GallonsDEFSI660PS74"W x 58"D x 95"H573 Lbs.
1,320 GallonsDEFSI1320PS95"W x 79"D x 95"H793 Lbs.